I was reading 4;19 of Haanel. and it goes to explain, science goes a little way in its search and stops. Science finds the ever-present Eternal energy. (i love this because a lot of us do not really know how the body mind works together with creating our energy.), but Religion finds the Power behind this energy and locates it within man.{meditation into silence and communication with our God in prayer} I have been making the effort with my thoughts and prayer, things have started to make sense and this is good because i also see that i am making movement towards my dreams. I think alot and as my guide says, “thinking is always a good thing, Cindy” ha ha I agree. I feel at times i am backwards in my efforts, i see the end before the details in the beginning and of course my guide reminds me again “Cindy, that is a practice of a genius,” then he quickly produces a name without hesitation. I looked On the computer and it said “That is how they create what they do. and then they find the people to help them in their own expertise to help create” i am starting to like my guide. As my mind shifts i want to Brain storm an idea and it is good to do. It produces more ideas and solutions to what i want to do. When i hang with my niece and nephew they quickly do this without hesitation, the brain storming,  and it is hard to keep up with those two, they have a lot of fun together and seem to have no fear as depicted in the photo here.IMG_1401-220180217_101524fun.


20170729_16534320170729_1654141connection. Kids have an abundance of fun when given the space, tools, and time to be FREE. As adults we have more than our share of our responsibilities and if we succeed to include in our schedule, abundance of fun, space, tools to be free. We give ourselves, definitely the time to create, to be free. Free to have our sits, create a fantastic DMP, chat with our Masterminds, read, change, find our inner self \ joy and fill our minds with extraordinary ideas, to create and accomplish the best me/myself and I ever, within the next 5 months. Time is like the words, “this too shall pass”, it is used for situations, i think i can use it here like i did. others say , time is like the sands in an hour-glass, but in the games we flip it over or knock it over to give the illusion of stopping something that is constant. It is the one thing we are not able to control, and yet there are people who have learned to practice how to use this measurement wisely, in such a short span of time. I want to use my measurement of time to visit with my grandchildren and have fun, travel to see places where my friends are NOW. To connect with my love of life now and share my gifts, accomplish my deep inner dreams with more intense courage, faster pace,with more loving friends, and reach for the stars my follow masterminders. I feel strongly that i have the gift to make a difference in many people’s lives on a much larger scale than i have done. This is such a great opportuity that i have given myself today.  I know you have an abundance of gifts to give and share and help others too. Lets make that difference now. Step by step. This is such a fantastic moment. CHEERS!

THIS is my will.

Cindy Nadeau


Week 2

I dont stand alone!

Hey fantastic! Here we are into our 2nd week. Ya, I am learning, i am learning that the cement block is all the habits in my mind, all gathered up to block my veiw from what is really supposed to happen. Any one out there got a portable cinder block that they carry all over the place. I trip on mine. All i need is to sit still in silence and i get this great idea. Ahhh there is an idea , sit on the cinder block and the veiw is much better. I know its sounds funny what i say but for me its true. I think about last year same time, MARK talked about the cement, mine seemed to go wide and tall, and i am short and short ..well you know. I was overwhelmed, i did that, ha. i walked around visualizing i will never see the light of day. man i got cement, it was so thick now i had to deal with it. i am dealing with this, what do i do about it. I cant physically change it. WELL i did MY SIT, things changed slowly, So do you want to here how. I GAVE MYSELF A CHANCE! i found it almost impossible last year because i had alot of chatter up there. that was ok., The key was in the silent sit. I am telling you guys its in the sit.

Week 3 what’s found me!


Good day everyone!

Life lessons..So starts my journey.

I have been thinking hmm. That complaining the negitive blahs. Well is not consistent with the weekly lessons. What is the use. I am learning more to look for solutions now. Feels better. ⚓✔Get it done and do it good the first time, althou i sometimes have taken the long way around and that is ok too.

I had something appear in my life recently that i had to deal with immediately, it was a lot of work pysically. I find tasking and physical work is easy for me because i found i have a habit, I can detach myself from things. It is all in the head. It is great to learn to get into the emotional part as well, it does feel uncomfortable now. I definitely ike being in the heart, has more freedom and more ideas to help me in my life with whatever ever I’m in. I’m glad I got to watch the video it shows not to stay in the emotion. A great remi der i am alive from within. I am learning to understand where I am and how to love me with awareness and care. This course is  teaching me to let/ allow myself to be here in the present. I am hearing change for the better, possibilities are endless. Now! Great I am in! I want in as many times as i can take it in to get it. Doing something until i get it right, to get the results i am really looking for, especially until i get fantastic results, that will be long term; long lasting for me. I want this as a tool to help change my life, to help me see where i am going, to see who i am, and what is possible today on. From within we can grow.

IN MY HEART of HEARTS: My son is my only son, I joke and call him my favorite son. He gets it now and jokes back. We have been the 2 peas in a pod for many years. He wrote me in a class assignment as his HERO. I was surprised and loving the thought that i could amount to anyone as their hero. I was very pleased and he told me all the things i did for him. He was proud of his mom. Nice eh?  At age 18 things became difficult and he needed to leave the nest. Off he went for nearly 6 years.That was hard. His girl was his world.  Ya he almost got married too. Now things changed and i have changed for the better and he is back in my life. I can hear him talking to me and since doing the course i can see his words come out. Back then i thought i was leading him to lush land and i listen to him speak recently and i hear my words from many years ago in him. I was nieave and not too experienced, i complained alot and i blamed alot. This is what i hear from him. Now, I really want to change my out come to let him see that change is good. That even thou i was his parent and teaching him along the way, i would be very happy to see him change into something much greater than he could ever imagine. He talks about having dreams and doesnt know how to accomplish these. I am the sun that he follows, i feel it in the depths of my soul and spirit that to teach him that life has endless possibilities for him today now, by example. To see him take action, that he is in control of his life. My heart would sing, and i would dance with him as 2 goof balls in bliss ablivious to anyone around , i would radiate love abounds. I say aloud and in script let this happen.

Remembering in week 2 and 3, Mark explains over and over, when we verbalize out loud, our subby listens. It’s has the power.(complaining outloud vrs. loudly with enthusisaim my dream effects the subby) I am seeing the linking and answers to my now experiences with what i am doing and what i need and want to do. So that i can see my dreams and feel them.  So I want to Find a solution, get answers and start working on a beneficial action plan/goal. There is no time to wait.

DMP and all the exercises in MMKE   because there is a cause and effect if …                                                   If i don’t ….

I end up frazzled like this

This is not my FUTURE SELF

(Just using parts to set my meaning….)


DMP X3 DAILY WITH ENTHUSIASM! READ CHAPTERS, do SITS, DO INDEX card exercises, and more for 24 weeks. sticking with it daily and overriding my old blueprint with the feeling of joy and determination to change my life to the life i have always dreamed. yes i am choosing in.

22. Haanel writes” the universe cannot express through you as long as you are busy with your plans, your own purpose; quiet the senses, seek inspiration, Focus the mental activity on the Within, dwell in the consciousness of your Unity with omnipotence. ” Still Water Runs deep” ; contemplate the multitudinous opportunities to which you have spiritual access by the omnipresence of power.

I needed to change my strategy from frazzled chaos to calm patience for self. ( a work in progress ).  Deep breath and sit in silence often. It is written in exercise week 3  ” Haanel 3:31. Tension leads to mental unrest an abnormal mental activity of the Mind; it produces worry, care, fear and anxiety. Relaxation is there for an absolute necessity in order to allow the mental faculties to exercise the greatest freedom.”

Love wins everytime♡

I like my sits, I was so tense last year, wow thank goodness I love myself to keep making that big love hug of self effort to change, to stay with it, me. I am important, i affect everyone around me at anytime. I don’t give up easily when i am on to something big. Yes i am patting myself on my back for sticking with this beautiful course. I mean where does anyone get all of this support tools and knowledge to change thy self. Just so i can really hug with love. The water doesn’t run through me, it runs deep as always. I am just more aware how to tap into the source. Ahhhh

Cheers ❤Cindy💟

What is the results of our 1st week.

Hey everyone

I love reading back in my old postings and watching my own progress from before till now. My idea here is, yesterday is gone and while it is in each letter deleted now, i thought about the things i wrote and have decided to do more for me in my life.

because it could be here before i know it. hahahaha


Iwant my life to have courage, a rawring good time, laugh with plenty of great long life friends, embrace love till my heart holds a million and ten moments of joy, hold hands with God every day, cook with zest, help with compassion and kindness.

Week 1a something to say 2018

Let’s begin with both feet planted and ready set sprint… to inner peace, self hugs, selfies ha ha!! Living in this moment of now! Love it

It is what it is, yellow 😋
Well i am glad that my site is up because i set another one up because it didn’t come up properly. Hah let the fingers pound out the letters here.
So this is my moment, i really want to see what i can do this time this year; with my life. For me if my mind is all over the place; then my life is. I have managed to sit still for 15 minutes a day consistently. Yes i was as surprised as all get out. Quick grab the camera, he he. This is definitely my year to grow and have more awareness than before. remember if you can control your body then you can control your mind. Although my friend argued with me, she says in the bible “control your tongue and you will control your life.
“Right now i am on my own, this will change before christmas. I want to meet the man of my dreams, maybe i already have. All i am saying is i am ready.
Something about me: I still love art, love creating new things out of items in my home, well a simple example of a recreatiion is amaking a reg. table into a computer table, just by adding the sliders under the top presto or for my plants i had an extra set of wheels and a small board. I added the wheels and when i vacuum i just roll the plant to the side. yaaaa. (I know they sell these at the dollar store.) I have the tools, i have the skills, life can be so much fun when applied the same way. Look, i create each and every day, moment minute, and second. I have a thought then i have the emotion, and when i focus i start the action and ta da its done. right? Decide how life is to be, i seen a portion of mine, i can take it from here; with help of course.
cheers have a blessed day
Cindy, starting something new. 

All about me.. week 3


Hello, howdy, hola, aloha ♡

I am 53 female. 🐞  MY little video is the feeling i get spending time with my three children male 26, girls 33,35, plus 2 grandchildren. Fun fun fun! I love doing art I work with acrylics I sketch I know some construction so I can build the frames. I love to create things out something.

img_1696 I live in Canada I’m in Mountain Time. fb_img_1453951704406-276015631.jpg

Oh when i did the color test, it said i was a BLUE 💙

I created money fun-loving friends Along my ears and growing never stops. I’m so happy to be in the m m m k e because this kind of growing stimulates a lot of brain cells that are habitually staying put and now they’re moving around. I like to change and change is good when we have a group supporting each other with love and understanding. I like this because I am learning to sit still and be more patient with myself. This stops the flow of Chaos I don’t know if there is a flow to chaos.🎲 I am more at peace ✌💖I’m glad to be here and happy to have other people to chat with about growing stronger, more loving to myself and to the people around me. I love seeing life change and for six months this is what we get to see 👌I get to see. I want to travel ⛵🚁🚵open up an art studio🏡 and have 30 acres of land. I want a relationship👫 from now till the next 50 years filled with harmonious loving inspiring happyjoyful moments that creates a strong bond for my partner, our families and our loving friends.  I have done my DMP 🔧and while reading Og mandino and Haanel I see what I really really want while in my sit. Which is precious to me in the long term because my happiness means a lot to my youthful laughing heart. I formed good connections with the other group and see their growth is the same as mine in pieces. I wish for you all to take a deep breath to sit and be good to yourself with love and kindness, it will show to the others around you.

Cheers 🌼Cindy🌹