Never give up!

I feel , when I am not making an effort here in the course, I am putting myself aside for a time. Somewhere along my path, my journey I was able to connect to the course and connect with myself thru the course I chose to do. Now, I gave my self the chance to begin again ,in this course I am grateful. THis feeling is strong. that when i decided  to come into this course again I was determined  to let my light shine, it’s not even a light. It’s a movement from inside outward. A bursting of rhythm and song. A huge shift of equal momentum in every part of my body.


week 22 Harmony my focus after silence.

Hi Hello

My growth for my inner self, Harmony ,peace, love, faith, meditation, prayer, focus on my goal and making the big effort of breaking down letting go of the obstacles(old blue print) that are hindering me. Its ok and good to let go and replace it consistently to want my growth – Love my focus. I was reading the 4 agreements and Migel reminded me again how much i have moved away from myself again in another way. I have the will to connect to everything, and being vitalized by all things. what an expression of self love. That my world is an illusion. What? An illusion again. woooow. i forgot to stay in focus with my studies here that life really became an illusion of confusion, normally i would stay into this state of mind for a year and now it is so much sooner. back on track to get past my differences and iluminate my life for massive growth again.

I am working my business and have made movement to be financially ahead. So much energy was put into this and then working in my job, placed me on the side lines. I wanted to do my business and i need my work to provide my income. I became sick from the weather and the bus not heated in -24 weather. I may have gotten sick from my thinking and the stress of the cold weather of driving for 2 hours without heat. I am having trouble separating my old habits As soon as I asked myself the question: Where or how can i put myself on the path to greatness long term. i felt strongly that my life at this time has repeated what i did not want. My old blue print is staying in a job i do not believe is benefitting my life. Being aware of this now my mind is open to hearing an answer. so people chatted in my job about changing their job, an advertisement screamed at me about change life for the better, do it now, i hear on someones radio” Want change do it now” many more came my way. It is my awareness and my conviction to do this change, so I am set to change my life. Iam remembering all the handicap people that come on my bus, all the women that are abused in there job because they feel stuck and i have a choice.

My son came to live with me for a bit. i wanted this because I felt we left on bad terms 6 years ago and i am blessed to have him near me again. Using the tool : clarity as a tool to be used here, huge opportunity to find love again and heal so both of us can move ahead. I am happy and excited to have this moment in my time. I appreciate the decision to take this course and to have the love and connection in my self and with others to continue my life well.

week 21

Haanel 21:17 You may know that thought constantly, eternally is taking form, is forever seeking expression, or you may not, but the fact remains that if your thought is powerful, constructive, and positive, this will be plainly evident in the state of your health, your business and your environment; if you thought is weak, critical, destructive and negative generally, it will mainfest itself in your body as fear, worry and nervousness, in your finance as lack and limitation, and in discordant conditions in your environment.

I know what the webinar was about. Here in this chapter this speaks to me good.

I want to speak about the feeling i get when i am raging or angry or keeping a nasty thought for so long. It stays with me in everything , just a smidge of disruption makes the whole of what i am angry about come to life. Is this a great way to live, to be set off guard by my own thought process into a grudge, a grouchy disposition, my mannerism changes.. I would say NO! I want to walk or drive or swim or chat, have moments where i have not carried old bagage into my new mornings that progress to great adventures in my day until finally a quiet loving night comes to rest. I want to seize the day knowing i have let go of the constant flow in my mind, trust that it is worthy thoughts that bring about worth while causes and inspiration art projects. yes My mind is in constant flow forever seeking expression. i only have to ask myself what kind of expression do i want to leave you with.

week 20

This week was a miracle in its self. We are all miracles of life and love every single day! My realization of how much of a miracle is realized this very day. I have gratitude, I have the ability to do everything that i desire. Infinite power and all the knowledge reside in every single cell of our body . You have awareness and you are powerful beyond measure. As you think in your heart so are you !

My meditation: thoughts. Haanel:20-18 Inspriration is from within. The Silence is necesary, the senses must be stilled, the muscles relaxed, repose cultivated. When you have thus come into possession of a sense of pose and power you will be ready to receive the information or inspiration or wisdom which may be necessary for the development of your purpose.

So my full thought about this week was: I had couple of set backs, me getting a half a pay check, someone said no to some project, that was very important to me and then i was not well. So by monday 18 feb i meditated and came up with another solution to my one thought before this day and here it is.

I really havent thought much about quantum physics having any affect on my life until i just recently had a conversation with a friend about it again. I Remembered the movie ” What the bleep ….. I dont know if my friend had known about it but it struck me at that moment and I thought it would lead to an interesting conversation.

So i lead into how our own viberation is a cause from our thoughts, happy sad mad. or depressed. wanting something and focusing on it with thought, can manifest it by Thought feeling and then action. The feelings do effect the outcome. So happily Focusing on the one thought and naturally letting it happen, makes it a miracle all in itself.

So this past week was Valentines and the advertisements were all around, in the malls on tv ,hearing it on the radio. THe red hearts, chocolates, extra flowers out balloons and cards very much stimulated the LOVE factor here for me. I should think everyone else who is aware about love and connects it to Valentines was too. THe strength for this idea for me goes like this.

by just having a person connect love to this fun celebration or any other it multiplies the love with everyone elses. It may start like this in the mind. ” Oh that would be lovely to get that for my boyfriend, ( visualizing a smile and a kiss) or ” someone will be very lucky to recieve this” or ” He really cares and shares his love by giving” To be the recipient of the Valentines love, sets out to the universe love and in that moment of thought your love is shared with everyone

so sending love to everyone reading this.. Cheers Cindy

week 19

Well right now i can say when I turn off my mind things just sit and stir, not moving and then it seems like the world crumbles. The good news is that I have built an automatic foundation that even if i tried not to do it ,,,, it just happens so i got to bounce back from what ever was happening alot quicker and with a happy heart.

Today i went to pay a parking ticket and I walked in to a very professional building area. Whom ever designed it i became immediately grateful , the colors the layout, the computer system, and the instant look over the shoulder. Please wait i will be just a minute words. The other person was in extreme self thought, and was a bit agitated, both seen i was there and as i watched i got prepared for the teller to pay my bill.

Can I help you mam? Well yes you can? I told a small story about no credit card and i was ill and now i have come to pay. Oh by the way Happy Valentines Day and i hear that is considered Love Month. we both giggled. i told him i liked the area he worked in and that i am happy to pay my bill . He was smiling and he reached under the counter and handed me a smiling cow. a stress tool. so cute. I laughed and wished him and his family many good blessing and when i went out side the sun was so warm and inviting at -18 against the brick wall of the building that I set my mind set for success this day.

cheers and love you all.


week 18 a


I wanted to add to my blog about the other week, this included stubborn, ego, my wants, attitude.

I heard someone say ” we dont have to do anything in our lives. pay taxes get married own a home, have a family, be happy , eat well and tada tada tada…..” well ever since i started to walk my talk with my DMP, i started to wrestle with the idea, “something is coming, showing up faster than usual” I am coming closer to myself, while i do my DMP. I want to say no to the uncomfortable but, This in itself is alot harder to say no to, because literally i am saying no to me.” So, I know the excersises in the course has helped me immensely. Now i am uneasy in my thoughts about my ego and how stubborn or what is my attitude, you know my constant thought, the old CD of “am i enough?” pops up and interupts the flow, with my business that is in my heart now. It is not my focal point yet i can see.

what is happening in my mind is after starting to move forward in my life, which is so different an area than i have gone before consistantly….. i realize that after,,, I have started to make an earnest effort in my art and putting an effort of my calling potential clients. ( I have sold my first art piece this week) My emotions came up, my successes had me in tears of joy , i cant believe, who would have thought, wow i did this, i am walking my talk. To: “am I enough?”, and wrestling with this is a struggle i see in front of me here. I got down on my knees and prayed for peace, focus, and to see what is real in me, my love , my heart set goals, and to see the vision of where i am going so clear that nothing will stop me. I am ENOUGH, i have support. That is self love right there, so when my mom’s words of manipulation and saddness come here and there, i realize i dont have to be like her to hang with her, I have shown her happy and I have shown her what a positive want is just by doing my business. Now she has a few danish friends, to go to church with. Something that she needs and has been complaining about for such a long time. Ithougth i needed to fill the bill for, well I am glad that i had a positive affect on her to effect that change of her getting friends. yes!!!! ( If i do something my son follows, my mom follows, my friends follow.. so you know what , i had better be putting into my life fun, alive, positive, beneficial actions in my life because people will follow no matter what I thought, do , say !!! Iam the sunshine in my life. }} I am seeing how I am in my world. My efforts in my dream matter to the people in my life and here i am , staying firm in my journey with support and love, wow, its like making it to the top of the mountain and veiwing the scenery with every new breath of fresh air.

I am taking me my best friend (me) on this journey. Its so brand new. I feel with every step i take and every book i read, i tell me myself, that “I am staying on this course, so no more getting the body posture, or the triggers that will lead to distraction of unfocus… I am staying on this course.” I have survived alot out side of myself. Its time that I stay in me and walk my talk. I feel like the poem , of the “The Footprints” to God. He carries me and I believe. I believe in myself.

SO for those who are uneasy again, its because you may have reach yet another cross road of change, of seeing the Gal/Guy in the glass, and I am here to say it is possible to find your inner you and take that marvelous part , stay in the present mind set and say “IAMENOUGH!!! ox my love goes out to all of you.

Week 18!

What a jump from week One, till now!!!wow!!! If we were to start here, It may feel like” bump my head and hold it tight!” Turns out, we all did start at week one!!! This is a great journey we are all on, we made a committment to finish, high five for the ones keeping their word! Hey i am curious to see what the end of my efforts will produce. ha ha! Great habit, start to finish,,,, I mean really, how many hours of humming and hoeing , redoing, contemplating , seizing the days, high fives, reading, cheering on real people, laughing , crying tears of joy, aha, frustration./. its all for you/me babe! Make it happen!

There has been some amazing moments in my life right now and like before, more movement forward. I said yes to staying till the end! really its just the beginning. I love being in this course! For sure, I have had a lot of a ha moments. Is this course worth it, of course it is. Some of us are starting to feel uneasy again,,well shut the front door …. hahaha its cold in here, wait its hot again. Stay with the process and progress to the next awareness. listen to your intuition. You are the master of your world. You really do matter in this effort to change your mind set….Tell your brain to stay focussd in meditation, because once you have mastered this for yourself, to stay in focus on one thing for long periods of time , you can master your world. yup.

my word of the week is INITIATIVE!

Week 18 HAANEL: In order to grow you must obtain what is neccessary for your growth! Did you read this correctly… ? YOUR GROWTH.. obtain what is neccessary for yourself your growth. Do you really appreciate your efforts or take them for granted that what you have today will be here tomorrow! Material things come and go! but we/I am here, we are here forever in ourselves,,,how well I……………. walk, talk, bathe, exercise, sleep, change, drive, think, mull over things, love, soar, build our lives, sing, dance, choose in or out, see saw, gain, …… I am here every single day with me, myself and I !

Lately i have met my self change at the front line, I am not saying “gosh i wish i was at the front line, it seems so far away, where did i change? … staying 50 paces away , being sluggish, kicking the pebble in distraction. My days are focussed on my efforts towards my journey. I feel when they are, good or not… i do feel the difference now, when i make a solid effort in a consistant manner, then I slow down and wait. almost a stall. I can really see how the justice scale tips side to side, and allows me to feel, the old habits vrs the new. and in that moment the choice is given to me ,,, make more efforts and stay consistant to keep the momentum happen. So i can smile, laugh and yell, cheer, clap yes DMP you are here in front of me, I see you vrs, live last year with old habits of depression, messy behaviors, redo a start not quite thought out, discouragement. ugh! The biggest gift i can gift myself is the gift of yes, i want, i have the will, i am, i do , its happening because of me. stay within my mind in the present state of mind, with support and love and constant greatness. Let us ROAR!!!

week 17a.b…monday 21 Jan. 2019

Well this last sunday was a great big one! 😨Slowly now the pieces to my own daily adventures and my dmp are coming at a quicken pace for me. 🙆( shhhh I am taking action towards it.😎) “like this is so me, ” tip toe where are you dmp!!! ah ha there you are! Let me introduce myself to you! My name is Cindy and i have been wanting to meet you!! so excited😇!!! I want you to be apart of my life from now until like forever!! Right!! I know this is such a blessing, you and me together ah!!! . Yes Yes, i am tearing up😂, Yes you have been waiting for me to find you and hide and seek is up. Welcome we are together at last. ( hugs)👭 turn around , i want to get a good look at you, careful now, there is 30 acres of you. Wow this is what you really look like for real. I am so excited for this adventure. ( Piece by piece week by week I can visit my dmp and really mold it to what I really want it to be) yes!!!💜💚💙💛❤💋

My word this week is DECISIVENESS: the ability to make decisions quickly and effectively. >> so i am making healthy decisions more and more on things that absolutely benefit (myself+ Cindy = ME) every day !! and that means being active within my DMP!!

My decisions that matter, my dmp is written : great healthy life, so right now i am exercising morning and evening, ** next is self love, i am so reading and writing and telling my self how much i appreciate myself and all that is within my life daily, ** I made a decision to eat well, so while i drive for 7 hrs daily i snack on veggies and friut, and i eat my protein before i leave for work and drink alot before bed. I am out of the house more, in fact i went sledding with my niece and nephew. yup! more fun here too. visiting my dmp in parts and talking about it and finding out more info. I know i wrote last week about visiting the art gallery (that was epic!!!!) becasuse i realized that my 4000spft. is now 10,000, oh just so you know there are homes that big ha so take that to my epic happiness when i found that out.

and the week before that now that i am back to work, i am exhausted again. So what is CIndy going to do? mmmmm Change my attitude on a few things. because i love myself.

What occurs to me now. Happiness is in my dmp and so this was my example. stay doing the HAPPY!!

I started a montra | DRAMA HAS NO PLACE IN MY DAY TO DAY DECISIONS IN MY LIFE! ( by the way everything is a decision that we think to do when we do anything)

I think linking is satisfying my curiousity about what would it look like to be a part of my dmp. Its got my mojo going.

and finally , i asked myself the question and it is a quest and i did manifest this one to come in short notice. its about ego:<(a persons sense of self esteem or self importance)> and stubborness:<( the quality of being determined to doing anything i want and not anything else)>, WHAT!! what the heck have i been doing all this time. This is all but a sabatoge to stay with these 2 bothersome qualities, they are trouble makers. I thought I learned it all until i opened the door. Its almost like i emailed the 2 and there they were, saying (hi let us introduce ourselves to you) I am ego and I am stubborn!! we have been with you along time and we thought we would like you to get to know us better!bam!! bam!! bam!! I dont think i realized these 2 colprits were a big part of my life and now that i viewed them, they are both going to have to shrink, and I want to choose a better attitude about how it is used in my life. Like look at how i can use them more positively in my life. because i choose to be stubborn at staying in my dmp and ego the self importance.. .I will get back to you all about what i didnt know ok.

Alright , love you all for having the self love and staying in your DMPand the course. cheers. love Cindy👣

Week 16

Hey I was not feeling great but I have moved forward in to my dmp, took a walk about the art galleries. – appreciated all kindness including my own to people giving patience and kind words of encouragement, I got to chat about my dmp many times and I got some results so happy for this growth yes. Keep moving forward yes