20180318_204250 happier than I thought I could ever be.🌷 It has been 6 months and what a journey it has been.😏 I have met really great smart funny fantastic peoplewhom believe life to be an adventure . Like mindedness.. Seeing myself more showing up in my life. I understood myself more. And the whispering of what I need to do in my life is so loud now. I liked the hug exercise.💇 And I like the silence that had a big impact on me so glad it was at the end.💓 now I get to do it anytime I want ;cuz I know what it feels like. It is so true that until we experienced it we would never know what it felt like and we would not know how to put it to use for ourselves, what a  life tool.🌼 Any and all of these exercises to be aware of ourselves to love ourselves more it’s exquisite🌇 full of excitement 🌝I think the last time I was happy was when I was 14🌞i  like this. I have a long way to go and the adventures that I have journeyed through from September till now have been superb fantastic. I do want to learn more I do want to strive to be my best so the layers are coming off. And my journey I believe was set to bring my family closer together with my movement of love💕👌💟💝 it sounds funny but to insert it quickly feels awkward in my family and just what I’ve been doing has been setting the seeds in the fertile dirt and it is now the seed takes root. I know that everything that I do in love with my family for my family and for my friends and the people I care about in my life will be a tool that is sharpened. There is a reason why I’m sharpening this tool💋 the next steps will be me forming my business. I have done 5 businesses and the last page of today’s webinar really spoke to me. Whatever Napoleon Hill learned he succeeded after 5 tries or failures as it is put. And for me to learn how to achieve my greatness will be a tool for me to use in my business successfully. I would like to know who I am more and to be a leader  or to be facilitator to be the one to help the people. Not be a follower and go with the crowd and leave the people as the Pied Piper away but I would like to be that Beacon of light for myself and for other people. To be of service in a great way not one that is let off a path that I wasn’t wanting to go because I was scared. There’s a difference between being a follower and there is a difference between the one that learns from someone during their Journey. I guess I had a huge onion to unpeel during my journey so far one that I appreciate during my journey so far one that I appreciate. I’m not worried about not having this course near me because it will always be here. The quality and the friendship and the love that came through for me is in my heart and in my mind now I cannot take back something that was so great. I cannot forget what I’ve experienced. I was thinking out of the box when I decided to do this course of action and experience the exercises Through The Mastermind key. So cheers to everyone that has lived through the six months up to the near end experiences so far. I relish with excitement what happens next in the fantastic adventures to come,  we have here in our mind and in our lives Treasures that no one can take away because they’re not Material they are like-minded friendships. Ones with support love Great Adventures shared. Guess I can’t say enough about this course and my decision to have taken it I appreciate who asked me to go into this course and I give myself a hug for staying in. Love all of you thank you for being part of my journey



😊 my word is self-control this week and the scroll also has “I am in control of my emotions.” Right now there are many things on my mind. I seem to have a seed planted in me, its so different like the avocado and the carrot seed. brand new beginnings; to grow strong and sturdy in healthy soil and beautiful sunshine. We’re supposed to grow like we were made to grow like God gave us the gift to grow. Isn’t that why we are apart of The Mastermind key.

Time is always moving we cannot control This it’s not like the clock in the picture where you take the battery out and the clock stops. Here , like it says in the scroll when we waste one day we kill another of the last day on our calendar in our life.

We must be playful, be curious. Travel to places ,achieve our dreams, whatever they may be. Always keep the candle lit. Let the flame burn inside us. This is not the end of the master mind key this is the beginning of a master mind. I am so excited 4 the next adventure. There’s a lot of decisions coming up and a lot of decisions I’m making now. I do not see life through rose-colored glasses I am not a lazy procrastinator That I Used to Be. I want to be a leader my own motivator, inspirator. I want to have the flame burn really big inside of me so much that it’s contagious with smiles and laughter and joy.

Can I say my silence is the storm before the calm? Or the Calm before the storm . I feel like there is movement inside me ready to burst with all of these ideas and put them into action. I want to say come and play I want to say come and join The Mastermind team and continue life after the course continues on with another team we will always be part of this team no matter where we are. We have all of the tools already we have sharpened our tools for 5 months. We are the tools to give life to other people because we have changed our mind our body and soul. I know I have more love inside of me to share if I do not have this I cannot share it I will share my sadness in my depriving thoughts and my narrow-mindedness. After this whole experience I am not the same I don’t want to go back it’s like the song from Mercy Me called Shake. The songs talks about having sadness and he doesn’t want to go back to it anymore now that he has happiness. It’s worth a listen to. This will be my first birthday that I have encouraged my family members to join me. Because I have one family member that will honor what I want for my birthday. And I know there’s a store here called Costco that makes beautiful tuxedo cakes. Caramel chocolate layered yummy cake. And a small get-together with my mom. So I’m not the whispering anymore I will shout from the rooftops that I have changed and I have something to give this world. So cheers to everyone who is still in the Mastermind cheers to everyone for being a part of my life.

What happen in silence🔊💤j

My word for the week is pleasant personality and it was supposed to be pleasing personality. After I did this picture this painting. I was talking to my mom and she said it was beautiful and I realized I painted three men and five women. when I stared at it ,the tree means life to me everywhere I paint ,then harmony, and this is the game we play as women together loving each other. Pleasant is the atmosphere , which is what I strive for each and every day that I spend time with my family. All this after 2 1/2 days sit. This is my healing. The history behind when I healed from was the anger that started when I was very young in our whole family . Everyone in the family was holding on to something and holding it against each other so it’s separated us. Then after my dad passed away we kind of separated became Our own entities. I really long for our family to come together. It is happening slowly and as long as I keep planting the seed of love this will happen.

Just like the song in part of a lyric, that sings” IN THE SOUND OF SILENCE” …… my experience in my sit

None stop words come forward so loud , i realized I had created a habit to occupy my thoughts with lists noise tv chatter phones texting cooking cleaning driving shopping music dancing singing swimming and anything else i decide to do because i choose not a time ” in my silence. ” do i loose my truth and my love of self ? To fit my life in between habits of go go go, where did i go. How many years go by and then i break. Well my friends, it is our year here that we have chosen a gift of self lessness. What a moment. The heros journey, franklin, mr, Campbell, emerson….. we did it all together for the better cause .

I want to repeat another 2 1/2 days again . The silence was so loud , what an experience to have. I couldnt run away from me, all the urges to find something to do, i couldn’t stop the train of thoughts coming. It finally Came to silence; “my thinking”. I could see images, i floated and sat so calm. Drifting in to my mind and out again. I wanted to stuff my emotions with food in the beginning. Then i stuck a song on to lessen the flow of words that constantly came, this song i sang to to lessen my emotions. I got down on my knees and prayed, fidgetted , I just simply surrendered in the end. Why because i prepared and did everything before i did my sit so i couldnt do anything while i was in my sit. So i had to finish what i started, and sit to be silent.

Week 22 silence

My week so far is quiet. Keeping up my exercises, and eating well . I am doing only the things that I need to do to keep my peace inside my life . Achieving my small successes of keeping my home clean, flipping my service cards ,getting things done that need to be done , finishing my appointments. Now I am going back to work half days I need to focus on how I’m going to achieve my health during my work. Bring harmony into my life now I’m going back to work, Will be my goal also. I want to have harmony in everything that I do. And setting a course in a new direction of love happiness compassion for myself and others with less mind clutter, will bring me closer to another goal. Funny how the mind clutter goes and the material clutter goes too. No more hanging on to things that I thought were filling the void. My sit will start Friday morning till Sunday . I look forward to this time of silence. Cheers to everyone thank you for being here.

Week21, the more the merrier

41FD0CD1-A81D-4F4D-B183-4EC7E46E81BE.jpegThis is DECISIVENESS word of the week,

Learning week21 exercises, the more I am learning the more I am letting go the more I can fit in my brain and the more I like living my life. 🙂 I have a better veiw that Letting go is freedom💓letting go is not filling my pockets filling up my drawers stashing stuff so I don’t see it, knowing it’s still there.😉 It’s cleaning the Clutter and getting rid of the things i dont need.

Well I’m feeling really happy i am purging getting rid of mental mind and physically removing material extras. So when things come up in life i have more focus.🎈 life just opens up in my life.

🎳💐 Realizing that Harmony is a humongous active thought in motion that is happening all around me. Being fully aware finally how i see my world revolving in this word and how it works it is exciting.😎 I used to shy away from smiling in the crowd really shy not wanting to stick out. And I admired when a person that stuck it out. I find there’s freedom in being who I am and I’m so glad that I have stayed this long in the course, the journey, making friends seeing who I am cuz even now when somebody nudges me to be quiet I find another way to stay in the moment. So Harmony is a huge word that I never really focused on it nor really became aware of especially it for my DMP with keeping my children close to me. I look for close personal company with my kids and the Word was Harmony all along. I watched a video on ants and they build colonies all over the place they stick together they build Bridges to cross streams. I watched a video on TV once about this and I watched how each and everyone went body over body linking legs until they got across the Stream So the whole Colony can cross over and have a better home which was super amazing for me they carry 10 times 20 times their weight and they’re always together foraging for food and things they need together as a team. Harmony is what I feel that this journey that I’m on is giving Harmony a thumbs up. I can see it in conversationwith ideas brainstorming having friendship fellowshipping I appreciate wow, the other thing that comes up which I have noticed a lot lately is why am I making it easier for other people to live their life and not make mine easier to live my life so I have been putting the new Twist on what I want to do to make people’s lives easier and spinning the mirror back at me saying how am I making my life easier because people will just follow what I do it’s a given especially when I’m enthusiastic and cheerful and full Ahead in my game


20wk-What i am pretending, what next? Dig deep

8798B07B-61D8-4561-946A-682D0C2A0739 This week my word was enthusiasm 🌻and I was able to see many moments of people being in enthusiasm. 💥 And I put myself in two or three moments of enthusiasm it was great to see the kids laughing as I chased them and played hide and go seek. To find me laughing hard. They became engulfed with happy . 🌞I was in my own enthusiasm when I went swimming with my sister 🤸🏻‍♂️seen my sister get excited 🦋because I am with her for part of her exercise regime, it was there ,🙆🏻‍♀️a huge smile. And I got enthusiastic because I finished my picture early displayed above.💋 So what was I  pretending not to know is that I’m quite capable of succeeding in my life when I put the focus on the task in front of me with all these words that I’m working on. 👌I guess being aware of everything around me and what I can give to life and what life gives back to me.  🤗There are many things we are going to do every single day  that make a difference in other people’s lives and our own because we step up and participate with kindness and love and inspiration and just showing up. I am doing many things all the time 👀it’s just not one thing .  It was never just one thing, there is always many things we did every single day just to be aware of this is fantastic. I always thought about moving material things going shopping cleaning etc. those wings were on my list as accomplishments. It’s not all that is the list of many words virtues that we do  that matter and the rest just comes. And so the next thing is the anger word came up and I exchanged it for patience, 👤I got angry for a minute and I switched it and realize that patience is a huge virtue to use in moments of discord.😷 And the long-term result was not speaking 🤔watching  and waiting after three hours give more insight to who was in front of me and what they really were thinking instead of what I thought was going on. The saved me a lot of heart ache so I got enthusiastic about how patient I am still. There has been a lot of emotion coming up some of which I am not Understanding fully of why the tears came 😿but I let it go I didn’t hold onto it and that’s more newer in me more useful to me then holding on trying to figure it out and holding on some more so that I stay in that sad moment of why I’m crying.Which I know if I stay in that moment it just becomes a habit so I did not want that habit and I’m able to listen to people more and receive what other people are saying. So my brain is not talking louder than I’m actually speaking

Week 19

The movies were very eye opening. I feel closer to seeing more of my path, i seem to make a path more harder than i should. Being aware helps me change the direction and the progress that i need to do. This is alot better than walk around doing nothing and feeling empty. Courage is my word this week. I seen myself dive into my life. I have accomplished big things, so my word being courage. … I seen my niece take her son to the hospital, that takes courage. Insist her mom come. My friend spent time listening to my idea when she was triggered. Courageous lady. She appreciated my idea. My mom is loosing her memory and she lives courageous every day with a smile. Its scary for her. So what can i do and be with my life now!

I appreciate all of you participating in this moment now so we benefitt from your contribution

Week 18 The change is inevitable


🌷 Well between 17 and 18 week There has been a huge change. Met up with some old school friends and I found that unlocked an area I haven’t been in for a while and never thought I was keeping. Thought I put it aside.💗👀

😂So I found myself crying for some reason and letting go of something deep inside me.👐🏻And I was able to see my DMp a lot clearer. I see that  even the things that I don’t see that I’m hanging onto are still there so the connection of everything getting out a box,  moving forward grieving, all those things are still there waiting to be seen heard and let go of with the tools we have here. All in the name of love 💗


🐞📍 To myself I’m asking, “What is my hero’s journey?” forming every single day is…

💓 Practice everyday good habits that benefit my life in every way. To talk and walk about my dreams, my goals, my enthusiasm, where i am going in life. To help people help themselves so we all live in harmony in our greatness. To increase my health my wealth my wisdom my happiness my spirituality so I am living my life in my greatness. So I can help others by inspiring other people to live their lives with greatness.

Just stay focused in every single Endeavor that I put myself into in my life, that benefts me 100%. Nobody Does it Better Than Me nobody can do it for me because this is what I want in my life to have my luscious prosperious paid in full self sustaining 15 acres of land with my successful beautiful art studio that i enthusiastically live in year after year. To paint every single day and create something beautiful from my minds eye. Share the love from my heart with people who love me back from their hearts that embrace me for who I am as much as I ehave mbraced me for who I am.If I’m not embracing who I am All of Me then nobody can embrace me for who I am all the way. So in my hero’s journey I am shining From the Inside Out people will want my attention because I am walking in my Brilliance My Sunshine. Exclamation exclamation! I am shouting from the rooftops I am that I am where I am going I have found my dream and I’m living it. And in my heroes walk my hero’s journey I am 100% listening to everything in me that needs to be done in my life that needs to happen that needs to be beautiful so I stay on that path every day learning laughing smiling sharing with people that I love the love me back appreciating life appreciating with gratitude my own life.


🐤I have the duck again, for the one reason; That life never gives up.”SO WHY SHOULD I”🍃

A robin is born from an egg🐣, and is grown as a robin: a leaf is born from a tree PERFECTLY. 🌿A tiger will grow exactly as what it is supposed to be, a tiger and like a tiger it shall be.🐯 So when I was born exactly like I shall be, exactly as i am. brave beautiful smart courageous intuitive funny joyful loving compassionate🐞. I have all the gifts born with me to choose how TO USE them basically. I have my mind my spirit my body and my choices on how I want to live my life daily.

Just keep walking talking emotionalizing with passion and clarity love and strength ,you will get there sooner🌞