Found a way!


Screenshot_2018-01-18-01-05-11when i can re-invent Myself with LOVE and Awareness

Our:MY: Dreams, Passions, Authenticity, Self-LOVE, Faith, Courageousness, imagination, creativity, strength or our SELF DIRECTEDNESS . We are worth every effort of growth, we personally gift yourselves.  I am the light in my life, lighting the way with enthusiasm, CHEERS

Imagination is my word this week I have been super excited and more inventive of myself in different ways seeing anything and in a very clear way being more happy I like this exercise. I wonder what the next week will bring with my new word for now I am staying in the presence of myself with imagination and my brain is just going wild with excitement and creativity so I wish the very best to all of you who are in the motion The Locomotion the flying motion the effervescent emotion in themselves of recreating Reinventing what’s inside to see the better you the awesome you the somebody special you….. that you were deemed to be , set to be, born to be, gifted to be!!!!!!!!! CHEERS






So as I’m watching the video on vulnerability from brene brown. It is a trigger and  tears are streaming down my face and I got it. Things are connecting in my mind.  I have been authentic in my childhood very vulnerable. I think this is the first time that I have really felt it to see it and spoken this  out loud  and writing it out .   This is my aha moment today  what a gift.

When I see kids or adults, today vulnerable I want to help them understand that that’s okay and communicate to them, to be strong hold themselves tall and continue because it’s something that’s natural and should be continued in their life, to be courageous. For years I have been helping people see their strengths and they do change their lives. Now that the magnifying glasses is on me so I can show up and follow the compass for me, as I reread my words it seems so simple at my age and somewhere in my mind I hear the words you should have learned this when you were younger. Yet I didn’t but it’s in me. So now that I’m aware of it I can continue I really thought I was searching for me I think it’s just being aware of knowing what I’m feeling it’s really confusing. It’s way too much energy to feel all of this and be in a course to create something bigger than me then I know I can do it. I know I’m brilliant caring compassionate beautiful loving so this is why I think that’s why I have a passion spending time with people who are vulnerable and enjoy Smiles laughter the joys that go with creating that moment however it is walking climbing trees driving going shopping playing in the sand floating on a log or just being aware of where we are together and enjoying each other’s company so I’ve used art as my go-to because I practiced it for years how to help people realize how special they are and it was okay to be vulnerable with me the trust. It is my big idea while you’re in my presence you can trust to be vulnerable while doing zomething creative.

I want to learn more about myself I can really appreciate this Workshop that we are all doing for our own reasons together not to be criticized for being vulnerable but guided to achieve our greatness with self-directedness because we make an effort in ourselves. Now that I got in i agreed to start and finish to the end cuz I’m very important I would like to say that I got in to improve my business communication rid myself of the fear that stops progress.  I think halfway through the course I realized it was to actually find my inner strength to be more than I can possibly believe that I could be I want to believe in myself more and to understand myself.  I want to be more and more everyday it gives me strength to understand what I’m feeling while I’m feeling it.  that is my obstacle I’m all in to explore all of this possibility and moving into my greatness and create the most beautiful experiences for the rest of my life every single day.


Week 16

heart-love-romance-valentine.jpgWeek 16 has been a different kind of a week because I’m not working I don’t get out of the house as often until I heal fast with all of the exercises that I need to do to bring me to a stronger healthier me and there’s a reason why there’s exercises to do to stretch my neck with the stress that was caused from my fall . I also see that it matters to exercise my head my brain my efforts my habits way I walk the way I talk the way I dress everything or I would I will remain here if i do nothing.

My head hurts sometimes so I need to relax go to my appointment and I have not seen my mom for a while which worries me to some point three weeks before Christmas I was helping her and during Christmas and for New Year’s I was helping her I was kind of wondering why family members in the family was not making an effort to drive my mom around who needed to go for gifts and shopping for groceries for the items she needed to make. I realize now being out of the house and driving her around while I was sick didn’t help me at all and I got really upset with myself I was not feeling well and I need to heal fast. So i had to look myself in the mirror and say to myself heal fast be well with yourself Cindy. Take care of yourself Cindy by resting eating well. Loving yourself in every way that matters for my health. So I mentioned that I have not seen my mom for 2 weeks and I gave her a pep talk before I walked out the door because she was leaning on me too much without making an effort for herself and because that I really don’t understand a lot about people starting Dementia or forgetfulness and I do know how she talks to herself because I’ve lived with her my entire life. She put herself down was really hard on herself she says things much more negatively a lot more outloud and it hurts to hear this we don’t realize that when we knock ourselves down and are really hard on ourselves it’s just as awful to hear we pass it over but this is my mom talking about herself so I really move into my greatness when I am concentrating on the things that I need to do because I am beautiful creative enthusiastic loving caring compassionate I can move mountains. I want to move big mountains in my life I want to see the difference that my life can be with appositive habit. it’s starting to show here in my life what bothers me when I’m low I I start panicking when I’m lower and I look for ways to make me higher I think this is a great Habit to learn . Having a positive habit matters to everybody thatmeets me. when I’m not in that moment I really do notice that the other person remains silent still not making an effort staying in the same thought pattern without a smile. I am very aware of how someone smile triggers me into smiling even more and I treasure this is a beautiful thing to give is a smile to have a great conversation to show that it matters that they are here and I am here to make a difference in life I don’t know what else to say anymore. Other than my sister she’s the oldest she stayed in the same thought pattern I know she’s smart I know she’s beautiful and courageous in her life she just needed to change the direction of her thought. And through an email in her job she was approached in writing to change her attitude or way of thinking the way she listens and talks to people. so the last two weeks she has been making quite the effort of appreciating the other person she’s talking to this matter is greatly to me. she’s much easier to talk to and it sounds like she’s listening and our last conversation she actually was upset that I gave my ideas and told me she just wanted to be heard and nothing more so you know our family all of us were like this at some time. It’s an opening that I told her I appreciate what she’s doing and I will respect her learning this way of thought and communication and I will make a full effort to continue the free flowing conversation did she is teaching me to do with her.. this has been a very long time and a long wait for her to come to this point in her life maybe she will let us help her now. What a blessing it’s going to be a great 2018 with a very huge heart gratitude and love I hope all of you will be doing great things this year to benefit your life an abundance of fantastic achievements and goal-setting accomplished. with a happy heart I send my love to you all.

Week 15

e26f3f1f0e9a5bce373d426c29b420e0--balloon-ideas-balloon-designs-1933807183.jpg😊😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 happy new year 2018 has started with noticing a few things such as week 11 and week 14 that I did did not get posted it stayed as a draft  cuz I know I wrote this out late at night when I could and I had to post it now I’m doing week 15

what a blessing to have week 15 I have an opportunity to have heard other people speak of positive things to do in their life. I am excited to be writing about the three sentences down a week, the shapes on the cards to add three gratefulness statements on the cards adding to my life good habits,  I was very excited to see this because it was something I learnt from another speaker.  Write in short point form in a calendar or journal all of my positive things that I did that day  and things that I forgot I put them down for the yesterday  and I left this opened in Easy View that was left for me to write in immediately and the results were awesome for when there was a moment after a couple of months I wondered what the heck was I doing and all I had to do was go back in my calendar to read the points of what I gave to people the thoughts that I had the things that I did for myself and others and my compliments to see that I am brilliant I have done a lot and yes I was busy just not this day so I can see the huge benefit and doing these cards the way it’s being set up and taught ,.. nothing negative and it was a powerful tool and I have a good moment today to put the shapes on my cards and make other cards with shapes on them so I could fill them in and that is an awesome moment for me to have this opportunity this is a great opportunity  everyday

hey I also like the other idea of making dots on the chart. How many times we see it is encouraging , something that we need to do and this, it encourages again and follows up with things,, on the same path of thinking positive I’m positive that I am on the right path certain things came in my way for years, not consistent  I got into things and then because of my indecisiveness which is being corrected now I quit too early and people did not believe in me because I didn’t stick with it they believed in me when I was talking about it not after I quit too soon this is all changing this is great

Marco Polo to talk on this gives myself a voice to get excited on and nobody laughs at my enthusiasm it’s actually something that is embraced which is exciting to me because I can be so powerful in my own life . I feel this way today so I just wanted to add that I am doing my 100 sit-ups however they look because of my head and I did my arm exercises so with enthusiasm instead of breaking down and knocking myself down I’m not exercising I’m taking it easy but I am fulfilling what I set out to do in a slow motion workout to keep myself in Tip-Top shape

There are many great things that are happening because i/we stick to the exercises we/i stick to ours thoughts and i believe in myself one more day, the more we hear ourselves we see ourselves we do things for ourselves in a positive way consistently more persistent than before so that we see who we are what we’re doing where we’re going we have a direction which encourages us and gives us confidence and is a blessing in many ways I am excited to be here today it’s been 3 days of me being tired with my mom with my head still hurting from my fall that hasn’t stopped me from doing what I could do at the time and today I felt so revived with enthusiasm with the projects at hand that I know will increase my life 100% to get me to where my dreams are going

I need to change my job I don’t think my job or as the correction is I need to excel in my business so my job is deleted not needed and I will have my health. I can see how my job it it’s affecting my physical body, correction here is I see i want my vacation to affect my body and beautiful healthy fantastic life

I agree with the phrase,story or statement that Mark had said he said that when he was in the doctor’s office he was told he wouldnt heal “no, I’m healing fast, you can’t tell me that it’s going to be the last of the last I am going to be healed fast” I’m a fast healer “so that was one of the cards that I wrote on I’m a fast healer I am powerful I am a beautiful woman and I am achieving greatness through my efforts, persistence and being focussed. With enthusiasm will help me greatly in my mind, my master mind that has all of the equipment and tools I’m just viewing them and using them no more and more how great I am how great we all are encouraged everybody to put their best Mastermind forward not to worry it’s all in there be one with yourself I’m learning to be one with myself in my greatness cheers

week 11 wow

week 11 has me in a moment of pause..  at least temporarily , i decided to move really do it and not think about the other person who lives here too, who would be quite fine without me . i made a decision yes cindy made a definit decision and .. THE UNIVERSE, THE WORLD, MY GOD,  opened up the flood gates and said finally you have arrived in a good place within, here you go ,,, new apartment,that was posted that day , and i didnt take the first apartment that came my way, i asked my self “what do i really want , i want that, what i want” , and look  full of dark orange red colors on the walls granite counters .. everything is brand new , quiet , cute like me, birds chirping in the tree outside my balcony,  a perfect healing place,its just a sample of my DMP , my pardner in marcopolo said with a cheeky voice ,, now the man is coming… wow hey furniture is being offered to me and i am accepting help from friends and i am saying yes to help me move.

2nd:      i followed my brokers instructions without a big panick and now i will be fiancailly free to start saving for real , my 2nd daughter is living in calgary that was livng in australia surprise there for me she never mentioned it, my other daughter got her gift on her birthday today dec 8, loved it all , get my tooth fixed monday, i am allowing people to love me , i can and am recieving this love and be ok with it. i am ok with my job now. more happy , my smile has come back , i make better decisions. my marco polo pardner is loving our interactions and is moving at a steady pace towards her dream and life is better and more exciting…. what could be coming in  the next exciting minute. dont close yours eyes ooops zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz little nap, every day i am more revived.  happy face…


Week 14

I’ve noticed a lot of clarity in myself and like it says we are closer at the roots cuz the debris is removed , i feel stronger

I watch the people around me Family Friends and see what their dwelling on, I feel I have moved past what they are still having the Habit to reach for so the example would be the communication between each other and I feel for the couple of months I see the present state of will never I am talking to who is close to me and I really see them .its pretty amazing and a relief i choose to have peace

As for the movies I have seen all , I was a really big movie watcher when I was young that was how got entertained I watched all of the movies they all had a theme of no matter what was around them surrounding them happening moving obstacles all of them remains standing determined and willing to do what they felt so passionate about and it was done with Focus persistence determination and a clear thought pattern


Suitcase in hand scurrying about moving my feet creating the sidewalk beat.                                   Underneath my scarf my hair in array flowing I’m rushing hurrying so            Nothing’s important but the time .THE TIME now the spring in the clock unwinds

My feet reach their destination, my head’s still spinning wondering how is this day ever going to end as I move my eyes up I read on the sign closed for the holidays I sit down with a sigh

Rush rush rush move move move go go go nothing was ever solved in my life staying so busy and so bold is to say I can do things on my own I don’t need any help sometimes it was offered I just push that on the Shelf I know what I’m capable of I know what I can do I can move mountains and the little ones too when life happens I am busy to see what this world has to offer it’s the Lovin Me when I sit down with children they are so very honest this is so easy to get excited to do the very best without any asking to set their mind on something they want to do I love spending time with adults that get that moment and I cherish as long as possible not breaking this moment with anything different nothing said that would pop this bubble of Love instead


My sentence

thrilled living in my 4000sqft 2 level house built to my needs on 15 acre home with my 3000 sqft successful creative art studio, with my loving caring true love, giving and recieving with harmony and peace, love from family and friends while enthusiastically building a fantastic incredible successful powerful team helping them and myself earning 500,000 dollars a year cleared each with world ventures and zija business.

week 13

A misunderstanding and i got pumped ,,,,,,,I know it got me going so I ended up doing my dream  board with all of my emotions which i had a resistence to, wow i am so glad my emotions came up finally, its the i care love.

people do care when I show up in my life to show them what I am doing in my life and who I am in my life and what I’m all about and I encourage everyone of you to do your best , i. Will never be the same  cheers  thank-you

week 13

2016-02-09_15.52.15 week 13 is another fun filled thinking week for me catching up on what I needed to catch up on and that is my dream and that is me and that is how I want to live my life and this is how I’m going to have my worth continuing in my life which I never thought of before so much consistent persistent action towards me kind of scary and exciting at the same time I’ve learned to tap my computer and talk out loud to it instead of typing and I seem to not make any mistakes when it comes from my heart because nobody can see my tears of emotion Lovejoy

and I’ll Have moments where I can do anything in my home and not be worried or scared         today I had my niece and my nephew over my niece brought her kids over and we had a lot of fun she came to help me unpack some of my boxes and the kids came to play with me so I get to think of ways to continue building my house in cardboard and teaching them how to dream             this is an excellent way for me to increase my gifts with joy fun creativity and to see how these young kids can create so much more with their ability to see life from a different point of view.          I am grateful that I have decided to stay this long to not give up I’m not a quitter sometimes as they say my old blueprint came too I think there was a lot more to it for the other person that I lived in the same home with she was seeing my dreams as a threat and coming to phsyical actions and I talked about them perhaps that’s why she was very angry.                   I am so grateful that I am still here after not paying attention to myself God’s graced me with another moment to pause to live to Laugh To Love and I’m grateful for being here doing the workshop and being grateful for doing the workshop is doing it.

I’m going to plaster the walls with everything that I can possibly think to put on my walls and highlight everything and add everything not sure what else to say other than this week seems like the point of continuing on with Cindy and her dreams (me )someone who’s worthy of this action it might be the unknown I feel the dream.       I needed to find a man I believe that I have painted him from before I seen him in my dreams so I painted him in the year 2005, I need to find that painting and bring it up again it’s a very loving picture and it was uncomfortable to show it with anybody because it had a lot of heart when I painted it so now it’s time to put my dreams in front of me again and do it with all my heart thank you