About ME

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Life to me is ever changing in many colors. When I picked the PPN, I wasn’t sure which ones was my real start . I had 4 picked, mainly HELPING OTHERS it comes so natural to do , in turn I receive good friends, some experience from learning new ideas and I work with people it’s a form of loving myself also autonomy was the second , I thought if I picked this one my time would be mine , liberty was my final choice in the end over the other, money can buy my time or help others

this is week 6 wednesday,

I was telling myself that my vaction would be a very different one from all the others. first i did actually leave the city and did not stay in alberta. second i had a purpose of being a friend to my friend and allowing people to wait on my with a grateful heart. i went to see my brother , got to know his son, he is a great kid, i cooked for my bros and enjoyed the outings. I had determined to hold off on the OPINIONS I believe i did pretty good. this could be because i was in a differnt area and not in my work home or normal places where i would have an opinion. Now i am at my friends 2 hours away from where i had been . I am the giver , i am finding it hard to recieve here. I think thoughts like , am i being of use while i am visiting. Is this person bored , have i been the kind of guest that would be asked back… i am being real honest here, fear of approval , perhaps, am i allowing my self to have fun. I have been waited on and looked after the whole time , not used to it so what do i know … to be polite and gracious while visiting. i am clean and helpful . i am the one that looks after people. so i had a solution and asked if i was being a good guest. of course i was. was the answer. i looked for a solution yaaaaa.