Canada my home.

I am silent and still, imagine sitting here and aware that you are everywhere.


Canada has been my home for the last 35 yrs of 53, I was born in the upper part named WHITEHORSE

at this time there was my oldest sister and me, until the younger sister came along and was born on the Alaska highway. From there, we grew up in the brush in a cabin. My dad owned a gold mine and we then moved near his family in Redberry lake Saskachewan

moved to calgary alberta,

and we moved a few times within the city until my brother, sister and brother were born. Got married at 18, moved to Barrie Ontario for 1 year, then Nova Scotia for 3 years with my own new family, Fredericton Newbrunswick for 7 years and back to Calgary 2002 to where my 3 sisters cousins and mom lives at present. We had 7 members in our family growing up.

All these places are My Canada homes.