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          Cindy Nadeau’s fortune is a direct link to how she thinks. Living a life of a women entrepeneur with a giving hearT

Earning 500 000 000 yearly Cindy is not short on knowledge health and spirit on how to keep her 9 figure entrepeneurs business rolling.  Cheerfully zealously and eagerly gets up every day with a love in her heart.  Living in a mansion she designed with 15  rooms spacious combinations of colors and flow. Glass separators are strategically placed to allow the natural light work with the gorgeous selection of color schemes bouncing off each other, very pleasing to the eye. Bright yellows melding with the rich greens in the kitchen, the living room attached is a patio facing west over looking a pond. Floral  and solar power in the home for efficiency. Since in her teens Cindy has wanted to have a self-sustaining self sufficient home stead that contributes to the community up beat home.

Cindy windy blew in like the wind,CATCHWIN NEWS
After hanging the phone up I had to smile. Searching the net and finding leads led me to Cindy a women with a lot of spirit and spunk. She made her millions and I was going to meet her face to face in a class Cindy was teaching in Copenhagen Denmark.  I  Booked my plane for Denmark Copenhagen, Cindy travel and visits classes she was teaching thru the web. Cindy asked me to part take in the class to get a better feel for what she did.  Where her passion took her. After a long plane ride, I refreshed and quickly found the location of the studio she was at and found myself Sitting in it. A mini studio with beautiful colorful art pieces, along the walls and sitting on the ledges by the window. Wooded chairs ,c shaped tables, some were long rectangular and swivel stools, were placed spatially in this brightly naturally lit room. All ages were sitting happily anticipating the class with another teacher whom was assisting today for 2 hours. wow I am now fast forwarding to the ending of the class, what an excellent activity for today. I am grateful i was asked to come today. While waiting i am reflecting on my collage in front of me,  that I was able to accomplish quite easily. I made with materials of bark sticks sand and autumn colors in oil medium. How i enjoyed Cindy’s instruction. It is with passion during the whole class.  I observed and  watched how everyone anticipated what they were creating and concentrated on the guiding words for their art project. I am loving this feeling of being here and to have finished this piece of art. Everyone left excited with instructions on how to take care for their art. Right now Some helpers are cleaning and organizing the supplies and we are almost ready for the interview. As i look around i notice the warm sun cascading onto the floor leaving shadows around corners in here. The room opens up to the street overlooking the water and the sail boats floating on by with the pelicans and birds singing in motion. I can smell the salt water waif in and smell the pastry shop down the street. What an excellent location. Cindy has a lot of passion and it shows in all she knows and teaches.
Cindy was smiling and attending to cleaning and packing up the studio for the next class to start. Cindy finished saying good-bye to the helpers and sat beside me fresh and happy. She started asking me questions about my art work I created in her class, how i liked it, what were my thoughts and really seemed interested and suggested some other mediums that might interest me to do if i choose to. Quickly someone came in and dropped off a tray of healthy snacks and refreshments; winked at Cindy gave a hug and left. Time seems to ease into the day and i decided to start the interview. Great Cindy exclaimed , so we started.

How did you start out Cindy ? like what drove you to start this program, is this the main source of your income? Who a , are you sitting with me till the evening because this might take a bit to tell. No I have another business in the travel industry, it is flourishing. I will start with this creative art class . Art is and always shall be a passion in my heart for me since I was 6, i didn’t like the stiff upper lip teaching of school and we pretended a lot when we were little, I always ended up wanting my sisters to participate with me, we only modelled the school teachers of our time. i thought too bossy came to mind and lost interest for that. I didn’t like that much there was no flow and self creativity. Teachers had pets. I started sketching and giving my art away at 14 and when i was in my 20s I was able to spend time with my niece and nephew. Whom i picked up and had  a lot of fun and freedom in creating. They came over and I taught them art in my basement . All our paintings were taped to the cement walls. I loved every time they came. SHE LAUGHED AT HER MEMORY AND TOUCHED HER FACE , HER EYES WERE IN SHORT A DAY DREAM AND THEN SHE CONTINUED” They were impressed their art was still up when they came back to visit.we concentrated alot on frogs people water colors and drawing. The next stage of life was when my son being born in 1992 and when he was born i moved to nova scotia. I found an art circle class and artist came from all over to teach their skill for 2 hours. This was pretty cool cause they were well-known and i never really knew how important they were, i was grateful they knew their art. My son was young so the only time i really had been at 3 am till 4 , the art i did at night was impressive. The class i benefitted from and it showed.
Later on the class made something of itself quite big but that was after i left. So back to ns. The year my son was at his age of 3 the kids in the area thought he was so cute they wanted to come in .. so eventually again i had kids in my basement teaching some painting skills. At age 4 we moved to new Brunswick my older kids came and all 4 of us spent many hours creating art and videos , skits. Dress up videos and enjoying the process. We worked with mediums from water, paper puppets, plaster seen , oils, water-color, acrylic, pencil , markers, popsicle sticks, oh a wide range of art themes too. I worked at a day care and was asked to come and teach art and i did a puppet show with all my kids. It was an amazing experience. I myself in 2011 wanted to teach my older sisters children and she thinks black and white , thought my art was too 3rd for them and demanded i stop. Personally i think it perhaps was a jealous moment. I taught that sister over the phone to sew and encouraged her to draw. And away she went master pieces of costumes and drapes she made. I did get into sewing too.. . that was short. Almost got into make up school for Maclean back when . i like working with people not on them. I got into computers at 28 and love creating collages and such. I like formatting organizing. Cleaning and creating in programs. Cindy invited me a treat and she stood up to smooth her clothes over and asked me to come to the b and b she stayed at the next day if i could, ” i said yes” she mentioned we could sit on the patio and show me some things on the computer she has , her business and photos of classes. we can continue the interview tomorrow. I was most excited about the idea. i was a bit jet lagged. Cindy had also some business calls to make . we made small conversation and exchanged numbers and locations to meet up tomorrow. what a beautiful day
ah i got up and refreshed at breakfast and paused to view Denmark Copenhagen. she told me was where her mom was born and it was a very beautiful place to come to. so much history and she is friends with her moms aunts daughter whom is also into art as well. maybe i will meet her too.i walked lightly in the direction of the bed and breakfast where Cindy stayed beautiful cute gingerbread style bread . i spotted her, she was on her phone and i stayed back until she was done. she looked a little worried. she spotted me and waved me over with a glad face. i was invited to sit down she had some sketching paper with her. i was curious. i asked” can i see?” Cindy paused and said. ” oh no this is my doodle idea book” nothing really to see. i seemed to have left my computer in my room. tell you what. would you like to learn something today? i feel like relaxing and doing something before i get into the interview. would you mind at all. ? i thought about it and agreed. she pulled out another art pad and some charcoal pencils. she started to explain to me to look around the garden and tell me what catches my eye. i scanned my eyes on the garden and the cluster of blue and white flowers surroundings the small fountain did. ” great she piped up and started to teach me to shade with no lines. she handed me tools and we sketched for a bit. she excused herself for 10 minutes to get her computer and instructed me to continue while she was gone and we could start with our meeting.
I am back she announces joyfully as she sails in looking more relaxed. how did you do? oh joy look at all the shading you did I can tell its a fountain. great start. ready to get startled? yes. great.
as the warm wind twists and ruffles the flowers in the garden I reflect for a second, this comes so natural for Cindy to do her art classes, she has such passion I am sitting up in anticipation grinning , really enjoying Cindy,s company like we were old friends.
I have a good question, when did you decide you were a success? Well, a few things I could say to answer that. I used to get so nervous about being a blunder and that I worried so much i wouldn’t get across to the group what I was doing. that didn’t sit with me at all. with practice i came to the moment when i just knew with total confidence that all was well , an indicator of that is when people were interested in what i was doing on a daily schedule, what i wanted to see was that they could see my heart and passion and take that and create something so fantastic with the tools that i gave them…so the house wasnt white with a picket fence as i started out with , they took that idea and painted a house boat. the excitement for me and being success are when they get it for themselves. its perfect. My daughter is night and day. and my son was in between so my oldest painted the sun and the whole page was filled with daylight. it was absolutely beautiful and my second daughter used play dough as her medium and used her finger nails to make a dresser with drawers that pulled out 1″ high, a bed that had a pillow with ruffles, and a blanket , the rug was multi colors…now my son well he took shapes and made a car from items around the house. the theme was what do we see at home. we all said our compliments and enjoyed the experience together and at the same time had our own idea.
I see is this the only time you feel that you are a success in your art studio? Cindy;  no of course not, that is where my creativity is and it stimulates my soul and i can get grounded this way. I have another business that i utilize my other skills and its more organized, world ventures my travel agency , i got in to fly a lot. look its given me an income from my effort. just like my art has. big difference is my art class is more personal and i created it and its like my baby where the WV is someone elses idea and i follow there set of organized rules. so my passion is getting to fly to see my kids, and that joy i want others to experience. relaxing laughing stay peaceful travel away from work on a whim go see grams or a long-lost friend. wow the possibilities are all out there.
I have some videos i took of my home land. i wanted to add larger parking area, and a petition…
I looked at the video with aw. I looked over at  and it lit up already.SEE LOOK, THIS IS MY HOUSE i am looking at a mansion. ok my mansion. but its my home. so fun and cozy and its so efficient. so pretty and inviting. i think that my house says that about it. so watch the video of us entering our home, grand kids run past the camera. The large decorative wood carved door opens; as they enter there you can see dark wood doors on the left and a seat to take off shoes beside it. The legs are pheasants bird shapes,the cushion is autumn leaves. Right beside it someone can slide a polished door and it is a rotating closet. and on the bottom is a lit area for shoes. The shelves move up and down , the camera man points at Cindy and she waves us to come. She has the biggest grin on her face as she grips 2 dragon-fly handles on smokey glass doors and pushes open to display a well-lit room filled with sunshine. The room is adorned with flowers from her garden with lady bug pillows against a plush comfy round couch; bean bags are stashed in the corner along with a table to play games on. The walls are mandarin orange and white. different shapes designed all over. she is saying that this is the welcoming  funny looking fireplace large windows as you look past to the far wall there is the patio doors circular and inviting. small chairs and tables on both sides of the patio doors. cindy claps her hands together and he camera is on her, the kids swoosh bye and head for the half and half-door, it opens as a whole and we enter Cindy kitchen area the floor is organized into circle tiles and natural light settles in here too. the room goes into a half circle. as the camera moves to the left the half circle is actually an entrance to a breakfast nook with fish tank ,tall foliage. flowers and screens as large as a wall , the kid’s hair is moving with the wind coming into the room. a few wind mills move also there is solar panels showing near the windows. and solar glow lights to light up the foliage. there in the center is a 9 man bench or couch surrounding the round table facing the kitchen a man-made barbecue is not far from the window outside. she touches some cupboards and they softly open and she nudges them again and they shut. in the corner is a door and she opens to reveal all her kitchen items ar in here. and a pantry. i never noticed but there is no any cupboards in the kitchen. just a counter. as the camera moves again towards the bench i see further out here i can see the pond and flowing trees in the distance. how the land looks golden in the mid day sun.
Cindy says she is going to the art studio and show off her prize studio.
we switch to a new video I see Cindy eating healthy fresh foods and scheduled vigorous exercise regime 5 days weekly 45 mins. Feeling exhilarated and refreshed traveling 4 enjoyable filled weeks every year with like-minded friends co-workers and glad family members discovering of self involving and connection with love scheduling exhilarating bike rides eat outs with grateful hearts booking gigantic significant team events as big as 30 members adding refreshing tranquil scuba diving fun excursions, hilarious parasailing costume events, Ontario visiting grand kids,  Denmark Copenhagen visit her moms niece and her art studio, touring the area.  Scotland,  Australia visiting daughter with her boyfriend helping them both build an organic farm in Melbourne australia., going on a historical tour of Austria vienna for the 3 castles on Cindy,s fathers side and very picturistic  mountain hikes  Hawaii joyful in love with my mate happy and content to keep close connections with family quality time. cindy is seen passionately giving back to the community and worldwide, teaching creative arts painting making collages with families as a whole units teaching communication skills

another video Cindy is seen in her gorgeous office as part of her house committing time  weekly to her business calls to clients dedicated and interested in being a good supporter to growth in life for the better cause.




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