Week 2

I dont stand alone!

Hey fantastic! Here we are into our 2nd week. Ya, I am learning, i am learning that the cement block is all the habits in my mind, all gathered up to block my veiw from what is really supposed to happen. Any one out there got a portable cinder block that they carry all over the place. I trip on mine. All i need is to sit still in silence and i get this great idea. Ahhh there is an idea , sit on the cinder block and the veiw is much better. I know its sounds funny what i say but for me its true. I think about last year same time, MARK talked about the cement, mine seemed to go wide and tall, and i am short and short ..well you know. I was overwhelmed, i did that, ha. i walked around visualizing i will never see the light of day. man i got cement, it was so thick now i had to deal with it. i am dealing with this, what do i do about it. I cant physically change it. WELL i did MY SIT, things changed slowly, So do you want to here how. I GAVE MYSELF A CHANCE! i found it almost impossible last year because i had alot of chatter up there. that was ok., The key was in the silent sit. I am telling you guys its in the sit.


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I choose in to life. Love people, I want to grow with them,young and old. I am authentic when I am creating a relationship or my art. I love being with people who are as excited as me and I like to swim bike fly go-fast , camping hiking eating reading creating on the computer, helping people and I love loving. I like to learn new things I like to spend time with awesome kind respectful loving people that are like-minded and self-directed. Cheers to the Journey of life we are partaking in.

11 thoughts on “Week 2”

      1. yes Alejandro. i agree to your last post, i was reading Haanel and seen where you were and i find staying in the inner self in silence is not set as a habit yet so i struggle or need more practice for this. silence is golden always, this year i am finding the sit easier because the cinder blocks are less. do you find this too


      2. TONIGHT i am writing to ask you have you ridden you bike with the cam, very interested to see your footage, you should show us a few buildings and statues , maybe this would be interesting is to interveiw with your friends. like how you changed. nice like. good nite talk later


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