So as I’m watching the video on vulnerability from brene brown. It is a trigger and  tears are streaming down my face and I got it. Things are connecting in my mind.  I have been authentic in my childhood very vulnerable. I think this is the first time that I have really felt it to see it and spoken this  out loud  and writing it out .   This is my aha moment today  what a gift.

When I see kids or adults, today vulnerable I want to help them understand that that’s okay and communicate to them, to be strong hold themselves tall and continue because it’s something that’s natural and should be continued in their life, to be courageous. For years I have been helping people see their strengths and they do change their lives. Now that the magnifying glasses is on me so I can show up and follow the compass for me, as I reread my words it seems so simple at my age and somewhere in my mind I hear the words you should have learned this when you were younger. Yet I didn’t but it’s in me. So now that I’m aware of it I can continue I really thought I was searching for me I think it’s just being aware of knowing what I’m feeling it’s really confusing. It’s way too much energy to feel all of this and be in a course to create something bigger than me then I know I can do it. I know I’m brilliant caring compassionate beautiful loving so this is why I think that’s why I have a passion spending time with people who are vulnerable and enjoy Smiles laughter the joys that go with creating that moment however it is walking climbing trees driving going shopping playing in the sand floating on a log or just being aware of where we are together and enjoying each other’s company so I’ve used art as my go-to because I practiced it for years how to help people realize how special they are and it was okay to be vulnerable with me the trust. It is my big idea while you’re in my presence you can trust to be vulnerable while doing zomething creative.

I want to learn more about myself I can really appreciate this Workshop that we are all doing for our own reasons together not to be criticized for being vulnerable but guided to achieve our greatness with self-directedness because we make an effort in ourselves. Now that I got in i agreed to start and finish to the end cuz I’m very important I would like to say that I got in to improve my business communication rid myself of the fear that stops progress.  I think halfway through the course I realized it was to actually find my inner strength to be more than I can possibly believe that I could be I want to believe in myself more and to understand myself.  I want to be more and more everyday it gives me strength to understand what I’m feeling while I’m feeling it.  that is my obstacle I’m all in to explore all of this possibility and moving into my greatness and create the most beautiful experiences for the rest of my life every single day.



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