Week 16

heart-love-romance-valentine.jpgWeek 16 has been a different kind of a week because I’m not working I don’t get out of the house as often until I heal fast with all of the exercises that I need to do to bring me to a stronger healthier me and there’s a reason why there’s exercises to do to stretch my neck with the stress that was caused from my fall . I also see that it matters to exercise my head my brain my efforts my habits way I walk the way I talk the way I dress everything or I would I will remain here if i do nothing.

My head hurts sometimes so I need to relax go to my appointment and I have not seen my mom for a while which worries me to some point three weeks before Christmas I was helping her and during Christmas and for New Year’s I was helping her I was kind of wondering why family members in the family was not making an effort to drive my mom around who needed to go for gifts and shopping for groceries for the items she needed to make. I realize now being out of the house and driving her around while I was sick didn’t help me at all and I got really upset with myself I was not feeling well and I need to heal fast. So i had to look myself in the mirror and say to myself heal fast be well with yourself Cindy. Take care of yourself Cindy by resting eating well. Loving yourself in every way that matters for my health. So I mentioned that I have not seen my mom for 2 weeks and I gave her a pep talk before I walked out the door because she was leaning on me too much without making an effort for herself and because that I really don’t understand a lot about people starting Dementia or forgetfulness and I do know how she talks to herself because I’ve lived with her my entire life. She put herself down was really hard on herself she says things much more negatively a lot more outloud and it hurts to hear this we don’t realize that when we knock ourselves down and are really hard on ourselves it’s just as awful to hear we pass it over but this is my mom talking about herself so I really move into my greatness when I am concentrating on the things that I need to do because I am beautiful creative enthusiastic loving caring compassionate I can move mountains. I want to move big mountains in my life I want to see the difference that my life can be with appositive habit. it’s starting to show here in my life what bothers me when I’m low I I start panicking when I’m lower and I look for ways to make me higher I think this is a great Habit to learn . Having a positive habit matters to everybody thatmeets me. when I’m not in that moment I really do notice that the other person remains silent still not making an effort staying in the same thought pattern without a smile. I am very aware of how someone smile triggers me into smiling even more and I treasure this is a beautiful thing to give is a smile to have a great conversation to show that it matters that they are here and I am here to make a difference in life I don’t know what else to say anymore. Other than my sister she’s the oldest she stayed in the same thought pattern I know she’s smart I know she’s beautiful and courageous in her life she just needed to change the direction of her thought. And through an email in her job she was approached in writing to change her attitude or way of thinking the way she listens and talks to people. so the last two weeks she has been making quite the effort of appreciating the other person she’s talking to this matter is greatly to me. she’s much easier to talk to and it sounds like she’s listening and our last conversation she actually was upset that I gave my ideas and told me she just wanted to be heard and nothing more so you know our family all of us were like this at some time. It’s an opening that I told her I appreciate what she’s doing and I will respect her learning this way of thought and communication and I will make a full effort to continue the free flowing conversation did she is teaching me to do with her.. this has been a very long time and a long wait for her to come to this point in her life maybe she will let us help her now. What a blessing it’s going to be a great 2018 with a very huge heart gratitude and love I hope all of you will be doing great things this year to benefit your life an abundance of fantastic achievements and goal-setting accomplished. with a happy heart I send my love to you all.


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