Week 15

e26f3f1f0e9a5bce373d426c29b420e0--balloon-ideas-balloon-designs-1933807183.jpg๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€ happy new year 2018 has started with noticing a few things such as week 11 and week 14 that I did did not get posted it stayed as a draftย  cuz I know I wrote this out late at night when I could and I had to post it now I’m doing week 15

what a blessing to have week 15 I have an opportunity to have heard other people speak of positive things to do in their life. I am excited to be writing about the three sentences down a week, the shapes on the cards to add three gratefulness statements on the cards adding to my life good habits,ย  I was very excited to see this because it was something I learnt from another speaker.ย  Write in short point form in a calendar or journal all of my positive things that I did that dayย  and things that I forgot I put them down for the yesterdayย  and I left this opened in Easy View that was left for me to write in immediately and the results were awesome for when there was a moment after a couple of months I wondered what the heck was I doing and all I had to do was go back in my calendar to read the points of what I gave to people the thoughts that I had the things that I did for myself and others and my compliments to see that I am brilliant I have done a lot and yes I was busy just not this day so I can see the huge benefit and doing these cards the way it’s being set up and taught ,..ย nothing negative and it was a powerful tool and I have a good moment today to put the shapes on my cards and make other cards with shapes on them so I could fill them in and that is an awesome moment for me to have this opportunity this is a great opportunityย  everyday

hey I also like the other idea of making dots on the chart. How many times we see it is encouraging , something that we need to do and this, it encourages again and follows up with things,, on the same path of thinking positive I’m positive that I am on the right path certain things came in my way for years, not consistentย  I got into things and then because of my indecisiveness which is being corrected now I quit too early and people did not believe in me because I didn’t stick with it they believed in me when I was talking about it not after I quit too soon this is all changing this is great

Marco Polo to talk on this gives myself a voice to get excited on and nobody laughs at my enthusiasm it’s actually something that is embraced which is exciting to me because I can be so powerful in my own life . I feel this way today so I just wanted to add that I am doing my 100 sit-ups however they look because of my head and I did my arm exercises so with enthusiasm instead of breaking down and knocking myself down I’m not exercising I’m taking it easy but I am fulfilling what I set out to do in a slow motion workout to keep myself in Tip-Top shape

There are many great things that are happening because i/we stick to the exercises we/i stick to ours thoughts and i believe in myself one more day, the more we hear ourselves we see ourselves we do things for ourselves in a positive way consistently more persistent than before so that we see who we are what we’re doing where we’re going we have a direction which encourages us and gives us confidence and is a blessing in many ways I am excited to be here today it’s been 3 days of me being tired with my mom with my head still hurting from my fall that hasn’t stopped me from doing what I could do at the time and today I felt so revived with enthusiasm with the projects at hand that I know will increase my life 100% to get me to where my dreams are going

I need to change my job I don’t think my job or as the correction is I need to excel in my business so my job is deleted not needed and I will have my health. I can see how my job it it’s affecting my physical body, correction here is I see i want my vacation to affect my body and beautiful healthy fantastic life

I agree with the phrase,story or statement that Mark had said he said that when he was in the doctor’s office he was told he wouldnt heal “no, I’m healing fast, you can’t tell me that it’s going to be the last of the last I am going to be healed fast” I’m a fast healer “so that was one of the cards that I wrote on I’m a fast healer I am powerful I am a beautiful woman and I am achieving greatness through my efforts, persistence and being focussed. With enthusiasm will help me greatly in my mind, my master mind that has all of the equipment and tools I’m just viewing them and using them no more and more how great I am how great we all are encouraged everybody to put their best Mastermind forward not to worry it’s all in there be one with yourself I’m learning to be one with myself in my greatness cheers


6 Replies to “Week 15”

    1. I have struggled with this for a long time, I a m now realizing how much taking inventory of my greatness, more every day , I see what is important and what I can do for my life, itโ€™s all in the focus of my journey, than you for your post to me love it


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