Week 14

I’ve noticed a lot of clarity in myself and like it says we are closer at the roots cuz the debris is removed , i feel stronger

I watch the people around me Family Friends and see what their dwelling on, I feel I have moved past what they are still having the Habit to reach for so the example would be the communication between each other and I feel for the couple of months I see the present state of will never I am talking to who is close to me and I really see them .its pretty amazing and a relief i choose to have peace

As for the movies I have seen all , I was a really big movie watcher when I was young that was how got entertained I watched all of the movies they all had a theme of no matter what was around them surrounding them happening moving obstacles all of them remains standing determined and willing to do what they felt so passionate about and it was done with Focus persistence determination and a clear thought pattern


Suitcase in hand scurrying about moving my feet creating the sidewalk beat.                                   Underneath my scarf my hair in array flowing I’m rushing hurrying so            Nothing’s important but the time .THE TIME now the spring in the clock unwinds

My feet reach their destination, my head’s still spinning wondering how is this day ever going to end as I move my eyes up I read on the sign closed for the holidays I sit down with a sigh

Rush rush rush move move move go go go nothing was ever solved in my life staying so busy and so bold is to say I can do things on my own I don’t need any help sometimes it was offered I just push that on the Shelf I know what I’m capable of I know what I can do I can move mountains and the little ones too when life happens I am busy to see what this world has to offer it’s the Lovin Me when I sit down with children they are so very honest this is so easy to get excited to do the very best without any asking to set their mind on something they want to do I love spending time with adults that get that moment and I cherish as long as possible not breaking this moment with anything different nothing said that would pop this bubble of Love instead



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