week 11 wow

week 11 has me in a moment of pause..  at least temporarily , i decided to move really do it and not think about the other person who lives here too, who would be quite fine without me . i made a decision yes cindy made a definit decision and .. THE UNIVERSE, THE WORLD, MY GOD,  opened up the flood gates and said finally you have arrived in a good place within, here you go ,,, new apartment,that was posted that day , and i didnt take the first apartment that came my way, i asked my self “what do i really want , i want that, what i want” , and look  full of dark orange red colors on the walls granite counters .. everything is brand new , quiet , cute like me, birds chirping in the tree outside my balcony,  a perfect healing place,its just a sample of my DMP , my pardner in marcopolo said with a cheeky voice ,, now the man is coming… wow hey furniture is being offered to me and i am accepting help from friends and i am saying yes to help me move.

2nd:      i followed my brokers instructions without a big panick and now i will be fiancailly free to start saving for real , my 2nd daughter is living in calgary that was livng in australia surprise there for me she never mentioned it, my other daughter got her gift on her birthday today dec 8, loved it all , get my tooth fixed monday, i am allowing people to love me , i can and am recieving this love and be ok with it. i am ok with my job now. more happy , my smile has come back , i make better decisions. my marco polo pardner is loving our interactions and is moving at a steady pace towards her dream and life is better and more exciting…. what could be coming in  the next exciting minute. dont close yours eyes ooops zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz little nap, every day i am more revived.  happy face…



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