week 13

2016-02-09_15.52.15 week 13 is another fun filled thinking week for me catching up on what I needed to catch up on and that is my dream and that is me and that is how I want to live my life and this is how I’m going to have my worth continuing in my life which I never thought of before so much consistent persistent action towards me kind of scary and exciting at the same time I’ve learned to tap my computer and talk out loud to it instead of typing and I seem to not make any mistakes when it comes from my heart because nobody can see my tears of emotion Lovejoy

and I’ll Have moments where I can do anything in my home and not be worried or scared         today I had my niece and my nephew over my niece brought her kids over and we had a lot of fun she came to help me unpack some of my boxes and the kids came to play with me so I get to think of ways to continue building my house in cardboard and teaching them how to dream             this is an excellent way for me to increase my gifts with joy fun creativity and to see how these young kids can create so much more with their ability to see life from a different point of view.          I am grateful that I have decided to stay this long to not give up I’m not a quitter sometimes as they say my old blueprint came too I think there was a lot more to it for the other person that I lived in the same home with she was seeing my dreams as a threat and coming to phsyical actions and I talked about them perhaps that’s why she was very angry.                   I am so grateful that I am still here after not paying attention to myself God’s graced me with another moment to pause to live to Laugh To Love and I’m grateful for being here doing the workshop and being grateful for doing the workshop is doing it.

I’m going to plaster the walls with everything that I can possibly think to put on my walls and highlight everything and add everything not sure what else to say other than this week seems like the point of continuing on with Cindy and her dreams (me )someone who’s worthy of this action it might be the unknown I feel the dream.       I needed to find a man I believe that I have painted him from before I seen him in my dreams so I painted him in the year 2005, I need to find that painting and bring it up again it’s a very loving picture and it was uncomfortable to show it with anybody because it had a lot of heart when I painted it so now it’s time to put my dreams in front of me again and do it with all my heart thank you


6 Replies to “week 13”

  1. Thought impregnated with Love becomes invincible Cindy. Put all your heart in, find that peinture and paint it again until it will show up into that person you miss it but you haven’t met yet. Enjoy the journey !


    1. Well here’s my update I pulled it out and because of my incidents I have taken a little bit longer to do my exercises and I still have done in part them and I’m looking at my drawing that I did in 2008 just was not sure how to bring this person that I sketched into my life and I just knew perfectly well that the vibration of where I am is not the vibration is persons in and when I in a great vibration I feel now is a lot more than what I was back then that I will find this person and we will find each other and I will sketch and paint and vibrant colors in love and enthusiasm thank you for your kind words happy New Year cheers to all your endeavors all of your successes that they benefits you with great loving heart and lots of laughter


    1. hey that’s fantastic that’s exciting for me to hear that you are a painter also I do various things I also do construction a little bit like handy stuff to build small frames for screens and things like choo-choo trains for my son when he was young and we ended up painting it it’s very beginners stuff that I did for him because he was a child but for myself it was so exciting to sketch what I see and my mind’s eye so I can actually schedule woman without looking at the person and that is a gift so I find the clarity in what we’re doing here and it has bring my mind to a newer and more creative state of mind so my enthusiasm is with creation and that is in art is everything water play Play-Doh clay driving fast working on the car sewing drawing sketching painting building small projects very excited to hear how there is another Avid artist that appreciates what I wrote and I pulled it out and it’s actually very beautifully sketched in 2008 just didn’t know how to bring this person into my life but here we have the tool so great fantastic Happy New Year


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