tuesday week 9


I am finding this part of finding a partner in mastermind in the masterkey a needed added part to my learning, which i felt was a possible missing link to my learning, and now is a reality  and i am really excited about the journey .

Excellent timing to start this gift of advancing a more faster pace to achieving my wonderful dreams. this is a gift and i except it. i can already feel the excitement in me to join in on discussions , start at the beginning and create a more real dream in front of me and to be apart of someone elses dream, to encourage , spend awsome great time lifting spririts , the joining of minds , joining in friendship and hearts.

take it up a notch jump and sing and dance and do

love ya all


4 Replies to “tuesday week 9”

    1. hey its a start for me so this wednesday i made a challenge to do sit ups and as of this friday i did 300 . i ran out of time to accomplish 500 in 3 days but the back of my mind i said not to push it and wlll finish this on sat and sun. i thought 500 before dec 5th was alot until i really focussed on it, the reality of it is i can do 150 in a day so adjusting the start point in quantity and focusing on my goal realistically is great. i get it ,at least start something and then feel out what it looks like to really dig in . cheers


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