for sure its wk 8 wed

Hi , i can appreciate the truth in our dmp, i like being true to myself more and more each day.

my example is on myself.  when i got trained for city big bus they explained to all of us .”drive everyday as if it was just taught to you : stop 3 inches from the curb, scan the road and check mirrors constantly incase something happens in front or beside or at a distance so you are prepared to take preventive measures, listen look and think defensive driving… when i do this every day, my skills will be sharpened and the days when life at home is turbulent,life throws me action packed unexpected adventures or i drive on autopilot , driving will become an instinct. i have driven for 9 years now and driving like a harry potter bus is an expression that i like best because i know the distance of my bus and how close vehicles are so welll that i seem to squeeze /move beside objects and cars with ease , this has taken alot of practice and i know it well, i am being one with the bus.

… the more truth and being true to what i really see in my heart every day seems just like my driving.. i want to sharpen my skills and focus so i can see alot more of how and where i am going towards my dream. i am stepping into more of  feeling  the journey sorta speak. its begun. i am excited..

to this precious group taking the journey of their lives… its all in the love.



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