week 8 tuesday

I WAS wreslting with my dmp and the colors and dates, something didnt sit right with me at all, i wrote out my dmp which turned out not what is true to me. i thought i had the idea . as i read it the emotion was not there. thank goodness for marco polo and our awsome group we have and the webinar and alliance. asking questions and doing the exercises week 7-8 hit a cord in my mind.  i took a chance and rewrote, changed and sent it… ever since i was a little girl i dream this dream .so that is what i wrote down. i can see it every day as if i was there, the bigger part of the dream is the places, how what when and with whom. what a concept, giddy all over.

when it came down to writing my 1st dmp it became a confusion of words, ideas ,pictures, and phrases, not a heart felt happy here.  now that i have redone the dmp, things are coming into place and i am getting the conversations around the dream , DMP

if i have no direction , its all white noise and an emotional roller coaster in my life of replacing my spare time with silly things that are not great ideas…. so cheers to everyone for writing theirs out.  i am very excited to see what my weeks to come are going to uncover.

love and abundance Cindy nadeau


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