week 7 new song updated


these are my grand children. they know how to just be in the moment… ya hoo. !!

so updating an idea of the song from Pat Benatar

there was some real tuff cookies – thinking about the Master keys                                             of writing down their stories in their DMP                                                                                      Something came— from their little hearts right here——–it jumped off the page ——-lets get right to it

hug me with your best thoughts——-do doo do dooo—-why dont i love me with all my heart————hug me with your best thoughts ——–wire fire away

TA DA cindy style. ha ha

so today i went again to talk with my broker,he has been my friend since 2015, so i went to work on ways to get my debt down. he listens to me and then we do work.  TODAY  i felt a change . i did want to respect money , the whole course is on love right. respecting ourselves and respecting the good habits that lead to good decisions. this means that i actually am learning to care about what i do and the out come. this feels good. it feels fantastic,

sending an abundance of blessing in large quantity to everyone . cheers


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