Week 5 – My opinion is… I have no opinion…

I really like the help hints… great ideas for us all thanks


So it’s “No Opinions” week at MKMMA… I first had to get clear about exactly what an opinion is so that I don’t unwittingly give one without realising it…

The dictionary says an opinion is “a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge“… I’d probably add…  usually not based on fact or knowledge.

Ok so the rules are unless I am a world class expert in something… other than having an opinion I’m assuming… 🙂

AND unless I am actually asked for that world class opinion by someone then I need to “Shut my Twinkie Hole”… which I think translates as “Shut my Cake Hole”. Ok got it… that doesn’t sound too bad…

Until I actually start… geez I have a lot of opinions about everything and everyone. When I first started the exercise I often wouldn’t realise until the words were out…

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