this is sunday the week the 7th webinar is on

Hi everyone, hope your sunday was a blast like mine. glad sunday is the day for the webinar. relax and take it all in day .

I found visiting “the get started section” in training solutions to watch on “getting caught up” video is extremely helpful. i am still amazed that i missed something. getting caught up is good when we have help… so thanks for thinking of doing the videos to help us out. one more of my learning patterns yaaaaa

i felt myself beginning to get emotional in week 5. was there anyone else that got this way . funny thing. so week 7 is here and i just get teary eyed. oh the heart is opening up and believe me i shut my self down pretty tight for a long while. I am getting the hang of blogging and word press, now that we have to record our voice and put it on as a done requirement , i love to do this stuff, i just need to figure out how to . i am trusting the system. I went to a course on friday and the speaker talked about how women should have common ground as a collective , to collect people to have as friends , the people you would go to for a new job or a connection to go to courses that improve ones life. I found myself listening to pieces of information that were simialar to what we are learning here not as deep and realized i was on the right track . the info It was lightly touched on. the speaker was passionate and fierce. very good. I walked out at the end thinking how grateful i am for having this course to help propell me farther in my life . I was in another course, that i only got 1/3 of because it only had for me one or two learning patterns, so i went thru the entire course wondering what was wrong with me.. I was baffled. thats ok i was still ready to jump in to the next course of action and very happy i did. My journey carried me here. have a good joyful day


4 Replies to “this is sunday the week the 7th webinar is on”

    1. You’re very welcome are you following me because I’m gonna try and follow you and less I already followed you you just getting off work so just doing without my glasses at this texting you have a marvelous day you have a fantastic day you have a good dose of peaceful sleep


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