week 6 friday

Stay positive that tomorrw will show up with the sun shining brightly like your heart when you smile. Stay positive that you are going to be meeting your future self soon.

I was listening to the webinar week 6 again. glad i did. there seems to be some things i missed or processed more into my memory. I remember mark saying trust the process and at this point in the journey usually what happens in my business journy i literally get this far. and this is when i wait for the shoe to drop and really get afraid and of course retreat.. the foundation of any process is only as good as the effort and belief that i put into it. this has been my habit for all of my life. find a corner to calm down in, take off outside and not deal with me and what happened to cause me to retreat. this has handicapped my inner soul if feel . the exercises in the beginning i didnt want to admit were childish , authentic and easy to do . now i thank god it was that way. the layers are forming nicely for the results i am heading for with everyone.

Mark talked about sticking it out the subby will retreat argue resist._these are my words_the exercises are creating a different emotion with the new habit, i feel it alot. i get upset for the cause i missed out on a read at morning , i do catch up at noon. i feel my thoughts wondering where to go and now that i am filling my mind with words and excerises i find myself willig to keep up reading.. because the tv does nothing, and being idle is not fair to me. meditation i am still needing perfection on. i think that is a major key with my developing my mind set right now . it must be the master key cheers


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