week 5 friday early morning

Hi good morning tomorrow<sat i will be flying an adventure to BC>

while i was sick and delirious LAST WEEK i came up with a song i bopped my head to while in and out of sleep , pat benatar song this kept me smiling

just mentioning right now . i am in the middle of resistance and not quite sure what i see so i am not quitter i am  getting my sledge hammer  and start knocking down that cement wall … with love  for anyone struggling you are precious..

ok without further adoo my silly song….to share

there was a real tuff cookie with a long history

of writing down their stories in a DMP

nothing came easy here ,,,

i just  did it OVER AND OVER i just kept it up

then one day when i was digging so deep

i felt a zing and shazam , i felt i got it and thats when  life started changing

never giving up and loving myself

who would of thought that was part of the key HEY

shouting “hit me with your best shot”  doo dooo doodo repeat 2x

Darren sent a post so i  is adding “hug me with your best thoughts. do do do dooo

good wording here eh?





17 Replies to “week 5 friday early morning”

      1. i found out where people comment , or they changed it… looks good and its so much easier. how is your week going. my vacation was good. whew i got home by city bus in a snow storm and i was running home hahaha. so i did take with me gear to stay warm while i was out there. glad to be back to keep on keeping on with my journey … cheers glad you are here


    1. thanks alot … i have been testing what word press really does so my replies are slow for now… i was not sure about the medifor of cement , i got it later when mark mentioned it on the webinar.. last one was awsome. i was already ahead of the excerise. and didnt know it… one step at a time..


    2. I have just found out where people are commenting, whew. what a long time for that. how is your week going. i wrote on alliance and there quite alot of comments there. thanks this last 2 weeks hit me hard. i am not sure wht i sledged but i feel better, lighter. so happy that you are here


    1. Charlottes, my mom told me how to say your name. its pretty. you have a strong name. on my side it says pending, is that because i never blogged you back. yet… well thank you for all your help and your insight. sleep is a must for me so i get weepy when tired. you enjoy your day and i will look at my dmp tomorrowl.


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