Sunday week 4 finsh


Just sent in my DMP, its late and worth it. I am going to admit i …  this week i got sick , i have another postng with this photo on it. Its how i felt at the time. Now that i have worked a while on something for me. I am light hearted and glad, while i was laying in and out of sleep a song or 2 came out of my head. Funny it was about circles squares and triangles. of course the letters dmp did slip out , i was bouncing alittle on my pillow, thinking how chic that looked, and i seen myself in my mind in full dress performing my happy song for everyone that made a decision to be here. Music with imagination is a happy way to achieve the sly smile where ever the process takes us , good old imagination.


8 Replies to “Sunday week 4 finsh”

    1. Hi victoria was awsome when i got there. i went to duncan and -2 was it…last day on thursday it rained no biggy. i was shocked only at the weather in calgary returning home. -10 and freezing cold snow blowing…. has not stopped year my mom is coming with me… two trouble makers hahahhaha


    1. thank you , i think i am getting sick for the things i have been saying to myself . i know part of it is my job. most of it is in my thoughts.. if my thoughts are not good then i dont look after myself and etc … cheers i am happy you are here.


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