week 4 saturday


So here is the night before the webinar for the 5th exciting week. wow. super .

This week  I was not prepared for the moment of being sick and how hard it caught up with me again. I felt like i was again in the shadow of the forgotten alone by my own thought process : only its me that was leaving myself out in the cold. One last look at the homestead and off i was lookng after others. The sun is where i need to be where growth glows and my reflection of myself is not blurry or dimmed . a time to reflect into the my pond so clear and clean. Reminding me softly”Come back to my daily norishment” this happens to be squares triangles circles and pausing for 15mins daily with people shining to talk to.

I know the shadow has its benifits, shades when the sun gets too hot. When i have been out in it too long. Lets a pause feel good and resfreshes the load of the day. lets us rest , a chance to replemish our nutrients. Get our strength back.

Just a glimpse here a blip, perhaps a nudge pushing me into another awareness of appreciation.  This course is the opportunity i fully can see , takes little steps in many colors and spectrums in detail to allow us to use the tools and we allow ourselves to see , only we decide .


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