Week 3

here we go again , zoom great webcast


10 Replies to “Week 3”

  1. Hi Cindy. I have a saying” We Make Our Own Weather, and prefer Sunny Days” But with that said if you are coming to BC you better bring your rain gear, is it the temperate rain forest after all. Hope ya have a wonderful time.


  2. This is Deb…I’ll be your blog rover for the next few weeks…

    I loved your 1st week’s blog…I’d love more content for week 2 and 3…I understand busy weeks…You’ve got YOU to share…it will help others…WRITE!

    You’re on the right path…Way to go!

    Welcome to the MKE being born anew vineyard!



    1. Hi You were being kind I have been working at this for a long time I’m just doing samples and today is Wednesday third week and I added plus put more photos on …more writing please confirm that these titles on my cindy’s blog are actual pages that Is needed to be put up for tomorrow if not tomorrow I’m going to be working on this thank you very much I appreciate it sending love and abundance


    2. hi Debarnell, thanks for the introduction yes being born again anew vineyard. ok and thanks for the heads up. really wasnt sure what i was to say in the blog, this is a course so of course this should be the content. great. have a great friday


    3. Hi how is my page doing. i am wondering because i created a few blogs and i forgot to talk with you. How are you doing. is this a day job for you . i was wonderin what photo i used for the page . someone told me it was the plants separated on the page. i did add more and making sure i am still on the right page sort a speak cheers thanks. .


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