All about me.. week 3


Hello, howdy, hola, aloha ♡

I am 53 female. 🐞  MY little video is the feeling i get spending time with my three children male 26, girls 33,35, plus 2 grandchildren. Fun fun fun! I love doing art I work with acrylics I sketch I know some construction so I can build the frames. I love to create things out something.

img_1696 I live in Canada I’m in Mountain Time. fb_img_1453951704406-276015631.jpg

Oh when i did the color test, it said i was a BLUE 💙

I created money fun-loving friends Along my ears and growing never stops. I’m so happy to be in the m m m k e because this kind of growing stimulates a lot of brain cells that are habitually staying put and now they’re moving around. I like to change and change is good when we have a group supporting each other with love and understanding. I like this because I am learning to sit still and be more patient with myself. This stops the flow of Chaos I don’t know if there is a flow to chaos.🎲 I am more at peace ✌💖I’m glad to be here and happy to have other people to chat with about growing stronger, more loving to myself and to the people around me. I love seeing life change and for six months this is what we get to see 👌I get to see. I want to travel ⛵🚁🚵open up an art studio🏡 and have 30 acres of land. I want a relationship👫 from now till the next 50 years filled with harmonious loving inspiring happyjoyful moments that creates a strong bond for my partner, our families and our loving friends.  I have done my DMP 🔧and while reading Og mandino and Haanel I see what I really really want while in my sit. Which is precious to me in the long term because my happiness means a lot to my youthful laughing heart. I formed good connections with the other group and see their growth is the same as mine in pieces. I wish for you all to take a deep breath to sit and be good to yourself with love and kindness, it will show to the others around you.

Cheers 🌼Cindy🌹


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I choose in to life. Love people, I want to grow with them,young and old. I am authentic when I am creating a relationship or my art. I love being with people who are as excited as me and I like to swim bike fly go-fast , camping hiking eating reading creating on the computer, helping people and I love loving. I like to learn new things I like to spend time with awesome kind respectful loving people that are like-minded and self-directed. Cheers to the Journey of life we are partaking in.

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