Week one

Hi Cindy here,

Excited to be doing the extensoin of the course. I was overwhelmed while doing go90grow, a whole different thinking for me. I read my scrolls daily and couldnt make a dent …so i thought. a year later i am in again in the extended course for 1 dollar. I guess i needed everything i read stew abit. yes.


…While i was listening to the call Sunday, in the back of my mind ; i was thinking of a way to help other people. he he. The major plan is to help me help myself so i can see who and what i am all about and so helping others will be alot less time consuming, no secret here i love to spend a load of time helping others , its the greatest distractor and very tiring because i have not made a habit to spend it on me. I want to live life and stay on track with my goals. For those reasons alone loving myself in the most precious way means alot to me. I have asked and allowed someone to point me in the direction of life fullfilling events such as this course. Last year i Learned gratitude and while in the mists of chaos i did some art for a new studio, wow big for me. and from that i learned that a part of me was alive and people loved it. So i am showing up in my life. The scrolls are still in my head, doing the magic in my mysterious mind. I have 3 beautfully talented loving children who are waiting to see when i will take the reins and be the best Cindy i can be in every way. So i say thank you for being the person to start the course many years ago , out standing in my eyes. I will struggle and i will win , overcome and live a better life because Linda prompted me and i choose to show up in my life.Its a whole different thinking so Cheers to continuing to live.


2 Replies to “Week one”

  1. Cindy, Great first blog entry. I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with you.
    You have some insight with Go90Grow….but buckle your seatbelt, because this MasterKey Experience will be fantastic if you do the work consistently and with intent,
    Congratulations to making this commitment to yourself.


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